Monday, November 23, 2009

Rehydrated and it feels so good!

I can honestly say that the last week was the worst I've ever felt in my life. Granted, that's not really saying much because I've rarely been sick in my life! I had pneumonia when I was ten, and I get migraine headaches, but other than that, I just haven't been sick. So, this has been a whole new thing for me.

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday I was so weak that I rarely moved from my spot on the couch, and I continued to sleep away the hours. Apparently most of this weakness has been due to my inability to take in enough fluid to remain hydrated. Today I spent four hours at the doctor's office where they drew blood for lab tests and infused two liters of IV fluids. That's a lot of fluid! Think of a two liter bottle of Coke - pumped into my thirsty system. My body was so low on fluids that I didn't even need to go to the bathroom after having that amount of liquid added to my circulation! I felt much better afterward, and everyone agreed I definitely looked better! I'm not sure that's saying much either at this point! : )

We are looking forward to Thanksgiving with all our kids, family, and a few special friends! Sarah is already home. Ashley, David and Sydneyann will be home Tuesday along with their friends Samantha and Geoff. I know that having everyone home has the potential to tire me out, but I think the strength of being surrounded by family will overshadow anything else! I am looking forward to lots of laughs and hugs and making new memories!


  1. Well, another side tired to clean up. :)

    How come you were so dehydrated? Do you throw up fluid or is your body not absorbing it correctly? I've heard that alot of times our weakness and fatigue is lack of water... like running out of gas...

  2. I hand over my camel title to you! Two liters and no tinkle???...ugh I know exactly how you were feeling.

  3. Love you Laura...praying and thinking of you daily...Vickie D

  4. Praying still.... Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving!

  5. Laura,

    I can only imagine how you are feeling. I read your words and ask God to wrap you in the warm blanket of His love! My mom used to tell me, in times of trouble, how she wish she had a magic wond and could make it "all better"....I wish I could do that for you! I am continuing to pray for you and trust that this Thanksgiving and time with you family will renew your spirit! I am sure all the children will desire to pamper and take care of you; I hope you relax and let them surround you with the love that you and Mark planted in their hearts! I know that I am thankful for your honesty and how you demonstrate how you truly do live what you believe. You are a blessing to me and many others! I am sure your Grandma is watching over you and thinking how she is so very proud of you! You are a beautiful lady. Thank you for teaching me through your actions!

    Paula P.

  6. yay for IVF!!!! now, have a wonderful Thanksgiving with all your VIP's!
    your friend, OMG.

  7. So glad that you are rehydrated!!! :-) Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family! We are so thankful for you and Mark and for everything that you do. Love you guys!


  8. Praying for you still Laura! No way about the two liters! WOW! You are amazing and we are thankful for how you minster to so many people! I know you are looking forward to a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family! There's something about having all of our grown kids home that is fun and refreshing! It's good medicine!