Sunday, November 8, 2009

Precious Thoughts

A sweet friend of mine sent me a note the other day and she ended it with these words:

"God hears your name constantly before Him." 

That simple sentence brought such strength and encouragement to me. I am awestruck that the God of the universe would think about me at all, and yet I know that He does. I am reminded of this truth all the time. 

"How precious are your thoughts about me, O God. They cannot be numbered!" Psalm 139:17

Did you hear that? "They cannot be numbered!" He thinks about me so much that it's impossible to count His thoughts. Nothing escapes His notice - not my fatigue or frustration, not my freaky side-effects,  not the days ahead that He has already planned. Nothing. He is thinking about me day and night. He knows what my white blood cell count is doing, He knows how many days I will feel sick to my stomach, He knows about each muscle twitch before it happens! 

And He is thinking of the good days ahead too - the day I finish my last chemo treatment, the day I change my last ileostomy bag, the day I get to eat ice cream again, the day I celebrate His goodness and faithfulness with my friends in Costa Rica, and the day I finally visit the village of Matara in Burundi, Africa. God is thinking of these things because He is thinking of me. My God is good.

I hope you will start your week meditating on the fact that His thoughts about you cannot be numbered!