Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Night watch...

4:30 a.m. Music in my head: “Yesterday, today, and forever, you are the same, you never change. Yesterday, today, and forever, you are faithful and I will trust in you!” (Sung in Robin’s voice, of course!)

I keep waking up early in the mornings. I decide to use this time to pray for my cancer partners – Mary, Bruce, John, Kevin, and Roosevelt. God please bring miraculous healing to their bodies. Please meet their physical needs today as they endure medical tests and procedures, receive radiation, chemotherapy, and recover from surgery. Please strengthen their immune systems; please give them your wisdom as they make decisions about their doctors and treatment. Please help them choose to trust you today. Please meet the needs of their family members and those who love them. Please give them your supernatural peace and strength., and courage for whatever the day holds. Help them to recognize your presence today, and to hear your voice. Wrap them up in your arms. Teach them, grow them, make them, stretch them, use them. Glorify yourself in each of these sweet friends, so that they, in turn, may glorify you. God heal them.


  1. And my godchild Gina, a member of COF Roy, BSF friend Beverly. Marilyn Lewis

  2. I wish I could write like you, I feel so much for you, but cant put it in words. I love you. Marilyn Lewis

  3. Of course, sung in Robin's voice! Isn't that what everyone hears in their head? Laura, the Glenewinkel family is praying for you and the Shook family fiercely. Thank you for allowing us to know how to pray. Our sister, Stacey Gaecke, is fighting the cancer battle as well. It is one that God uses in mighty ways. Know that HE is working through your circumstance in the lives of people you don't even know exist in ways that only HE is capable. Please continue to share your faith, frustration, anger and joy through your journey...HE is mighty to save us all. You will RISE!!!

    Niesa Glenewinkel

  4. Hi Laura,
    As I sat in Church on Sunday for the 9:50am service, little did I know how much God was going to speak to me... As Mark unfolded the bad news all I could do was look at you and admire the strength and composure you with held while standing there listening to him share your pains with your holy family.... I can't recall a time I ever felt so close to people I don't know that well.. I have lived my life by faith and talked so freely about my faith because God is my life but as I watched you, you were my definition of faith. Thank you and know that when my time comes to be tested ( and we all know that that is how God loves on us), you will be such an inspiration for me. My prayers for you and your family are freverent and i know he will work a miracle for he already has in ways you may or maynot know in lives of others.. Continue your hold on to all that we know "our everlasting faith" in the one who created us.. Love you lots...

    Angie Stieh

  5. Every hour on the hour, without ceasing....even throughout the night, this is war....

    Nona Kelly

  6. Laura,
    You are an incredible person and I thank you for sharing your thoughts and allowing us to read and cry with you. My heart goes out to you and your family. I do know of the others you speak of with cancer. I just lift you all up to God and pray for his healing and comfort. Even before this news you have always inspired me with your words. I do pray that God will heal you, you have so much more to do here on this earth.... Love ya... Sherri...

  7. Laura,
    Your mother just called. We will be praying for you constantly. We love you. Remember Jeremiah 29:11 - 13. God has plans for you and the word HOPE is in these verses. God be with you.

    Love, Chuck and Mary Lou Thomas

  8. Laura,

    You're an amazing woman! Your faith is so strong and I truly admire you for that. Please know that you, Mark, your children, and family are in my thoughts and prayers constantly. I am walking with you...all the way to healing.

    **sending you lots and lots of hugs**

    Nikki Kristynik

  9. We are in a battle...sometimes I do forget this....I love you my friend you are my hero!

  10. Tracee and I wanted to thank you for sharing with us. We know, just as you told me, God has a plan. We love you and your family, and will continue to pray for you and your family and for healing. Brad L

  11. Laura,
    You and Mark have been there for me and Gary. The two of you were the vessels that God used to heal us and our relationship. Two Sundays ago, I was delivered from a horrible demon in my body and was healed from Gallbladder disease and Kidney Stones. The people that God used to heal me are INCREDIBLE women of God. When I heard of your cancer on Sunday, all I could hear was God telling me to tell you of these two women... over and over and over! I kept it to myself, but it wouldn't be right to not give you the information and let you make your own decisions. I KNOW God is performing a miracle in your body. I'm certain and I'm excited for you and Mark and your children... and your parents! When I look into your eyes when we've talked, the few times, in the past months, I see an Angel of God. You are so full of Peace, Love, and understanding. I hope I can help with the information. If not, I KNOW I can in Prayer and Praise! This world is a better place with you in it! Thank you for loving all of us. Now let us love on you!!
    Praising God for this miracle,
    Heather Zach

  12. Laura,

    You are an inspiration to everyone around you, even those of us who hardly know you. I will continue to remain in prayer for you and your family.

    Your Sister in Christ
    Anastasia Wilson