Thursday, June 18, 2009

"...and the greatest of these is love."

To my dear children,

I want you to know that you have the most amazing father in the whole world!  He is the best husband I could ever dream of.  Ever since I have known him he has encouraged me to be who God created me to be.  He always believes in me.  God has used him repeatedly in my life to give me courage and strength; and He is doing that again during this time. 

I know that he is incredibly stressed.  I really can’t imagine how he must feel, wondering if his spouse of 25 years will live.  Wondering if our dreams of life together will really come true, or if there will be time apart, waiting for a sweet reunion.  Thinking of the two rocking chairs, and life like the O’Briens.  Hoping, dreaming, wishing, praying… And the feeling of helplessness when your loved one has to walk the path alone, wishing you could do it for them. 

But in the midst of it all he has been a rock for me.  He has taken on the job of all the phone calls – to family, to friends, to doctors.  He shields me and protects me from things that might overwhelm me.  He gathers information.  He has assigned himself the job of radiation chauffeur, daily driving me for treatments.  He makes fresh fruit and vegetable juice for me every morning so that my body will have the cancer-fighting nutrients it needs.  He has been a sounding board for my fears, frustrations, anger, hopes, and revelation.  He hasn’t wavered in his faith.  He is consistent in prayer and Bible study, crying out to God and trusting Him for grace whatever comes our way. 

I can’t be in the sun or in the chlorine of the pool during treatment because it could further damage my radiated skin.  Last night as the sun fell into beautiful pinks and blues across the sky Mark went outside and put one of our patio chairs onto the sundeck of the pool.  He told me he made a “Princess Chair” for me so that I could be in the pool with him.  It brought tears to my eyes.  We spent an hour in the pool, Mark all the way in, and me with my feet in, just talking and laughing together.  My favorite way to spend the evening…

Your father is my hero.


“In Our Time” by Robert Sexton

…And when we grow old

I will find two chairs

And set them close

Each sun-lit day

That you and I –

In quiet joy –

May rock the world away.


  1. How beautiful...I have tears in my eyes...thanks for that Laura you continue to bless us with your thoughts...

  2. you are making me cry today too! You guys are precious, thank you for being a beautiful example to us! We love you!

  3. So, so sweet. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hey Lil' Sis, You ARE blessed with a pretty good guy there. :) We will miss you both on vacation this year... especially Mark's crazy stories - the ones he tells from the past and the new ones he creates while we are on the road! :)

  5. Wow. I knew we loved him for being "Mark". But now we love him even more for being your wonderful husband. Thank you so much for sharing Laura. Love you!!

  6. Awww....You have an awesome God chosen partner. He knew what he was doing when he brought the two of you together. Even though he greets us all with a smile, I see the worry and concern he has for you in your journey. BOB BE GONE!!!
    My hope is that if I should have to endure a journey such as yours that Scott loves me the way Mark OBVIOUSLY adores you and loves you with all he is!!! Awesome example are the two of you for the rest of us!! WE LOVE YOU BOTH!

  7. Now I need some of that waterproof mascara. That was precious and we pray daily for your complete healing!

  8. I'm with the rest -- you brought tears to my eyes once again! Wow -- everyone should be so blessed as y'all are to have each other!

    I love the sentiment posted above of "BOB BE GONE!" I am now going to add that to my nightly prayer time for you Laura! Its a good thing I don't actually know anyone named Bob because I don't think I would be able to look at them in quite the same way now! LOL