Wednesday, June 3, 2009


No news today.  I had the PET scan done and we are waiting for the report.  It is interesting to enter a small room with a huge radiation warning sign on the door!  The technician mixes the glucose injection in a huge lead box.  He comes to me with a syringe surrounded by an inch thick lead casing and proceeds to inject this substance into my body.  Makes you wonder...if I didn't have cancer before, I will now!!  

As a cancer patient, I have some new accessories I want to share with you...

My "I'm going to beat cancer" socks (Thanks, Courtney!) to be worn in freezing doctor's offices and treatment rooms.
My chemo sweat band (Thanks, Ashley!) to be worn while receive chemo treatments...I'm not exactly sure why...???
The ever-present blood draw bandage (Thanks, LabCorp!).

And beautiful flowers to make me happy! (Thanks Nikki and Pam!) 

I want to thank all of you for your comments, emails, texts, and messages!  I can't respond to them all, but please know that each one has been an encouragement to me and has helped to lighten the load!  I have the most amazing family, friends, and church in the world!


  1. Laura,

    Do you have a special "glow" about you now???

    LOL-ya need to do that from time to time!

    Paula :-)

  2. love the socks. They are sure to keep your spirits up.