Sunday, June 7, 2009

Congratulations Ashley!

Ashley graduated today!!  Congratulations Ashley!  I love you so very much and I am very proud of you!!  You are amazing and I can't wait to see all God does in and through you!



  1. Laura,

    My day started my day the same as I have since I learned of your cancer, I open my eyes and our Lord reminds me to pray for you. Never had that ever happen before. Kinda cool and a n honor.

    Thank you for the blogs and the pics it helps to focus.

    Stupid joke of the week is about man's best friend and unconditional love: Lock your spouse and your dog in the trunk of the car. Come back in an hour, let them out and see who is glad to see you!

  2. When my husband died in 1987, I had 4 small kids. In searching for a way to tell them their Dad died and make them understand and accept it, I tried to paint a picture of God writing in this big giant book "On May 2, 1950, Justin Castillo will be born. And on Feb 9, 1987, Justin Castillo will die." That seemed to make them realize, or at least it is what I tried to illustrate that his death was determined at the same time as his birth was. When I read this part of your blog today, it made me remember that. You are so right - our days are planned long before we're born and are set in stone, and nothing we do afterwards can change that. I really appreciate your perspective on this disease - you're honest and brave, and we're praying for your comfort and peace in your fight to get rid of it. We love you guys!

    Pam mestayer

  3. I LOVE YOU ASHLEY!!!!! U r amazing.... I will miss u sooooooo much we ya go to OU!!! I shall see ya in Greece!!!!


    P.S. Im on the prayer thing... my time is 12:30.... love you all!!!! TTYL