Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thank you!

Today I had my last radiation treatment!! When I was finished I got to ring the bell!  The whole place broke out in cheers and clapping! It felt awesome! These are the people who have helped save my life!  This is the staff at the radiation center.  They have been my cheerleaders and encouragers for the past six weeks. They have educated me, listened to me, comforted me, supported me, hugged me, and blessed me with their daily kindness and caring. Please join me in thanking God for their training and expertise, for their passion to help save lives, and for their compassion demonstrated to each person who comes through the radiation center. 

I've had mixed feelings this week knowing that I would be finishing radiation and chemotherapy. These are the people who I have seen on a daily basis.  These are the people who were there in the beginning as I had just begun to process the diagnosis of cancer. These are the people who told me that I could beat this. These are the people  who believed in me. What will I do without them? What a gift they have been to me. 

The cool thing is that I know as I take the next step in this journey God will continue to provide exactly the people, doctors, and caregivers that I need.  He is good like that.

So, THANK YOU to my sweet friends at the radiation center, and may God continue to use you all as you care for so many who are fighting for their lives. You are awesome!


  1. I am grateful that God blessed you with such caring and nuturing people during this "season" of your journey. God's word says there is a time of everything, and now is your time to REST! Rest your body and rest in HIM!!!! Continuing prays for you daily!

  2. Thank you Lord for the opportunity He has given you to live through this journey. Through you He has given other cancer patients the hope and faith to hang in there. I truly admire how you overcame this chapter of your life. May God continue to bless you and Congratulations! See you next Sunday! :-)

  3. Congratulations on completing this portion of your journey. It is wonderful to feel the love and support of those in the medical field who God is using to guide your path.

    Next will be different, but equally important, people who God will use to carry you further along.

    Stacey rang her bell yesterday after 5 months of chemo and now we meet the surgical and radiology team on her continued journey. God supplies our every need and carries us through the hard times.

    Thanks for being so transparent and sharing both the bad and the good times. We pray for you daily.

    Stacey's Mom - Betty

  4. God is so good to provide just what and who we need at just the right time. I know what you mean b/c we have felt the same about every medical person/staff that has touched our lives. We are home from the hospital for about 2 1/2 weeks before the second cycle of the IL-2 and I felt like we were leaving our "family" behind. I thought about you today, prayed for you and reminded Jim that you were finishing up the chemo and radiation. I know that you are like us in thanking God for this season in our lives when we truly do have to be still and know that He IS God. Keep up with us at

    Continuing to pray,
    Rebecca Patterson

  5. Praising God that you have finished this phase of your treatment. Thanking God for the wonderful people He has placed in your path. Believing God that He will do exactly the same thing as you go through the rest of the journey! I know that the medical people feel exactly the same about you because you have blessed and encouraged them! Continuing to lift you up to the Father!