Monday, July 6, 2009

Small things

Mark and I served as missionaries in Mexico City for many years.  One of my goals as a missionary was to never look like a missionary - no offense to my many missionary friends! But you know what I mean...  I grew up going to church and whenever missionaries would come to visit they were always dressed differently, a little out of style, long skirts and Ked's tennis shoes. I always thought it was kind of weird until I became a missionary, then I understood. Living outside the U.S.,  styles are different, shopping is not always readily available, and resources are limited. And honestly, priorities change and stylish clothing drops pretty far down the list. Nevertheless, it remained one of my goals not to look like a "missionary."

I have the same goal as a cancer patient - not to look like a sick person! I don't know how long it will last, but for now, that's the goal! I dress nicely to go to radiation and doctor's appointments. I am still exercising. I have been eating while I have an appetite to keep the weight on my body in case at some point I begin to lose weight. I try to get a full night's sleep. 

In spite of all that, the Sunday before last I felt horrible. I was so very tired. I thought to myself, if I look how I feel, then I look awful! Another zombie moment...  The funny thing was that everyone kept telling me how I looked beautiful that day. I thought they were just being kind to me.

Later, at home, I happened to glance at my face in the mirror and I was so surprised! No sleepy eyes, no dark circles, no pale cheeks! I didn't look how I was feeling! I looked like my normal self! And I smiled. I knew this was  a gift from God to me. Just a reminder that He was there, and He cared about me. He even cared about something as silly as my goal to not look like a sick person! God is good to me. Knowing His love is sweet.  

Thank you, God, that you care about the things I care about because you care about me. Thank you for your kindness toward me each day. You are an amazing, awesome, good, and kind God and I love you!

"My tongue will speak of your righteousness and of your praises all day long."  Psalm 35:28

"How priceless is your unfailing love."  Psalm 36:7



  1. As Pastor Mark said Sunday, YOU look beautiful!! That pretty blue dress on you was soo nice. You look wonderful in bright clothes. Maybe you could wear bright more often and shine!
    GOD loves YOu and so do I, XOXO

  2. How funny about the missionary clothes and look. :) I never even really thought about that... I always thought they looked "Holy" all covered up with that Puritan or Quaker style look. :)

    If there is one thing that is ever most encouraging and that is when I know God is near and knows whats going on. The hardest part for people is when they need God's intervention and they just don't know if He has heard them... we all know God can do anything... but not everyone knows He is near or has heard them.... He is clearly squeezing your hand all along the way and letting you know He is encompassed in this fight and pulling you through it.

    I can't wait to see you when its all done, to hear you speak, to hear your testimony. Maybe you will have a special service and I can come! :) Houston isn't so far from Culleoka. :)

  3. I sooo identify with you on this Laura! In my situation with my husband abandoning me, I have asked God to make me shine despite my situation. I don't want people to see the hurt and pain. I want to lift HIGH the name of Jesus. I want my children to see what courage looks like. I have been amazed at the days that I felt like I couldn't breathe because the pain in my heart was so bad and suddenly, I will get some comment from a complete stranger... You are so sun shiny. You just have a glow.
    This little redhead in Virginia is praying for you girl! Keep going! I'm sure you do look beautiful. God's grace is all over you and you are drawing people to Him and showing others what it looks like to have courage.
    Just like you, I want God to make the most of this thing that I'm going through. God has given me a word for my situation and I'm gonna pass it on to you. God says LIVE!