Saturday, July 18, 2009

Next Steps...

Now that I am finished with radiation and this round of chemotherapy, several people have asked me, "What's next?" So here is the plan:

The next four to six weeks I am to rest and allow my body to heal from the radiation treatments. The effects of chemo and radiation will last for two to fours weeks after my last treatment. That means I will still have the same side effects: fatigue, cramping, diarrhea, hand foot syndrome, etc. for the next few weeks. 

I will see the medical oncologist in three weeks. He will be following my recovery and once he determines that my bowel is sufficiently healed, he will send me to the surgeon and we will schedule surgery. The bowel must be healed completely so that when surgery is performed it will be able to be reconnected at the surgery site without complications. Surgery is the main treatment for my cancer. All these preliminary treatments have been to prevent recurrence after the surgery. When the surgery is complete, and the pathology reports are complete, then the doctors will decide if I need further chemotherapy.

Although I will not be receiving daily treatments now, it is still critically important that you pray for healing. The whole pelvic area, not just the tumor, has been radiated to hopefully kill off any micro-metastases. That means that every organ and tissue in the pelvic area has been effected in some way and needs to rebuild healthy tissue and heal. In order for surgery to be successful, I need to go into it with healthy organs and tissues! 

Please pray for the following:
1. Pray for my body to rebuild healthy tissue and cells in the radiation area without any scarring.
2. I have a very small open wound due to the radiation.  Please pray that this wound will heal quickly without infection.
3. Please pray for my feet to heal quickly, they are very painful to walk on. In a few days the effects of the chemo on my feet should begin to diminish. Pray that there won't be any permanent damage to the nerves in my feet
4. Please pray that I will have the discipline to rest. I am not a good "rester"! 

All my kids are home this weekend! They have definitely lifted my spirits! I love you all and appreciate your caring, your prayers and  your encouragement. Please keep it up!


  1. Praying for you tonight and these requests!

  2. Thanks for the specifics on how to pray. I am adding to that list for your encouragement as well. So thankful that the radiation and chemo are over. REST girl! Probably the only time your family will gladly allow you to do so! HA! Jim and I will pray for mind boggling speedy healing. Remember Marcia Kirk and how the Lord healed her years ago...I've thought about her and Mark's prayers for her often.

    In Him,

  3. Nothing can life your spirits (or mine) like your kids coming home. PTL
    Marilyn Lewis

  4. Praying for you every day, Laura!
    ~Christine Olson~

  5. Praying for you Laura!!!! So glad your kids were home! I love when all of our kids are home! I am praying for your healing in every area you mentioned! Also for REST!!!!!

  6. Peace, joy, good rest and supernatural energy fill you up today by God's amazing grace!

  7. Father, I lift my sister to you. I ask for healing for her tortured body. Please cause new healthy cells to grow where so much has been demolished. Fill her with strength as she waits for her surgery. Provide the Doctors with wisdom as they treat her. I ask that in the name of your son, Jesus Christ, that her cancer would bow ... succumb to Him. You created her body and now Father I ask that you strengthen it and recreate it. Draw her close to you, keep her securely under you wing. Father, continue to be her comfort and peace. Thank you for the courage she has to share what she is going through, for her transparency. May it strengthen someone else going through a similar situation. I know that what we see here is so limited. Please use Laura's situation to make your Glory known. Knowing that you are sovereign I thank you for the things you are working in her life.