Sunday, July 12, 2009

La Carpio

Community of Faith sent another group off on mission today to one of my favorite places in the world - San Jose, Costa Rica! This group of 30 will be reconnecting with friends in La Carpio, holding a medical clinic there, helping with some neighborhood projects, and then painting the student building at our friend Roy Soto's church in Fraijanes.  Isn't that cool? Our students working alongside the students in Fraijanes!  Please pray for the safety and health of the team, pray for the establishment and deepening of friendships, and pray that God would show each team member a little more of who He is. Thanks!


  1. Fantastic!!!!!! :)

    Sing loudly to God today! At the top of your lungs... Praise Him. Today may be tough but, praise Him loudly.

    Love, Libby

  2. Hi Laura,

    My heart is in La Carpio with them! I so wish I could have returned this year. Hopefully I will get another chance to visit soon. My Dad and I talk about that trip all the time and how much we hope to return one day.

    My heart is with you too on this journey. I pray for you daily and check on you daily through your blog. You are teaching me so much about trust and faith. Thank you for being so open. Love and prayers,

    Gwen Shepherd