Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Passport to Intimacy

I recently read a quote by Bruce Feiler, the author of "The Council of Dads." Mr. Feiler was diagnosed with bone cancer in 2008 at the age of 43. At the time, his twin daughters were 3 years old. As he contemplated the uncertainty of his future, Mr. Feiler created the "Council of Dads" to provide stability and support that his girls may need over the years. Thankfully, Mr. Feiler is alive and well today, and the relationships that have developed between him, his wife, his daughters, and this special group of friend dads has enriched all of their lives. Mr. Feiler said that "Cancer is a passport to intimacy." I smiled when I read his quote because it confirmed my thoughts exactly! 

One of the side effects of cancer has been a deepening of relationships all around - with Mark, with my kids, with my parents, my brothers, and my friends. Learning (or being forced!) to admit your weaknesses and fears goes a long way in forming strong bonds between two people. Asking for and accepting help from others establishes a sweet knowing and connection between two people. A diagnosis of cancer strips away all the shallow and superficial ways we relate to one another and provides the perfect canvas on which to build a foundation of intimacy. It causes you to see clearly what really matters in this life. I have loved and been loved like I never have before. 

I'm so glad God chose me to walk this path with Him!

Thank you to those who prayed for Jim Patterson's surgery today. The surgery was successful and Jim is now resting comfortably. Please pray for a quick recovery without complications.

Thanks, also, to those of you who are praying for Ellen and John. John had a good report from the oncologist today. It appears that his cancer is responding well to chemotherapy. He will have another CT scan next week. Please continue to pray for his complete healing.


  1. Ohhhhhhhhh I just read about the council of dads.....probably in a People magazine ... a magazine I don't typically admit to reading... :-)

  2. I loved the talk last night:) I love that we know things about each other which does not always include toliet paper! Thank you for loving me just as I am!