Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Blue Dress

I was ironing a dress today (Yes, you read that right! It doesn't happen often, but occasionally I do iron!) when I remembered - this is the dress I often wore to go to the radiation center. I wore it because it was easy to change in and out of making those appointments a little less complicated. I slowly ironed, remembering those early days of treatment - the shock, the uncertainty and fear, the anger, the grief, and finally the peace that came as I chose to trust my Savior's heart. 

So much has happened over these months, and it all happened so quickly, that it's hard to remember it all. And I desperately want to remember. I want to remember everything that happened, every thought, every feeling. And more than anything I want to remember all that God taught me. I want to be able to use these things to help someone else. So, that's my prayer. 

Lord, please keep this experience fresh in my mind. Please take this experience and use it for your Kingdom and your Glory. I am available to you.


  1. You looked great this weekend !! In that Blue dress !! Hugs and Prayers