Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More medical appointments

I went to the dentist today for the first time in over a year. Thankfully, my teeth and gums are healthy in spite of all the chemicals that were recently pumped through my body! When it was time to x-ray my teeth the dental hygienist grabbed the lead-lined apron and placed it on top of my body. It made me laugh! After all the radiation I have experienced in the last year, now they are protecting my body! It just seemed kind of ironic! 

Although I have not been to the oncologist's office lately, don't worry, I have had plenty of medical appointments, making up for lost time! I've been to the endocrinologist, the gynecologist, had a mammogram, and a bone density scan in addition to my trip to the dentist today.

The most frequent question I get is still, "How are you feeling?"  So, here's an update:  I feel great! I am sleeping well and eating well. I have even gained back a few of the pounds I lost during treatment. My hair loss has slowed down considerably and I have lots of new baby hairs growing in. The neuropathy in my fingers and feet is still there, but I think it is improving. 

My bowel system has settled into a new "normal" routine.  Many people who have been through the treatment I've had report that about every 6-8 weeks they still have a crazy bowel day; and my system seems to be doing the same thing. Last Saturday was one of those days; but, thankfully, I was able to go to church and make it home without any problems! 

Thank you for caring and for praying for me!

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  1. I had to giggle too on the picture of the lead to be able to giggle over that!