Tuesday, January 5, 2010

His purpose

Hi Everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates here. The last chemo treatment really seemed to sap my energy. I have been resting and enjoying time with the girls while they are home. I had blood work done on Monday. My platelets were down to 34 which is pretty low! They need to be back up to at least 100 by next Monday so I can receive my next chemo treatment. That really would be a miracle for it to come up that high that fast. Will you please ask God to restore my platelets? I would really like to get these treatments done and be finished!!

The nice thing for me with all this down time is that I have lots of time to read, pray, study, and meditate on the things God is showing me. I also have had time to watch every college football bowl game that has been televised! How weird is that??!! I normally enjoy watching a few of my favorite teams play football, but I don't normally just watch games between teams that I am not interested in. This year has been different! Somehow it just seemed that I should be watching the games. And the thing that is even more strange is that God even used that in my life to draw me closer to Him. Funny how He is always working and drawing us to Him if we will just take notice.

During one of the games one of the players had a scripture reference on his cheek bones: John 17:17. I decided that I would look the verse up in my Bible and this is what it says:

"Sanctify them by the truth. Your word is truth."

"Sanctify" is one of those churchy words that we don't hear or use often, and because of that I don't understand it very well. I decided to look up the definition of the word and this is what it said:

"sanctification - the process through which a person is incorporated ever more fully into the spiritual reality of Christ; given entirely to a specific person, activity, or cause; the active dedication of a thing to a single purpose"

God reminded me that in 2010 I need to be actively dedicated to a single purpose. His purpose. That's sanctification. And John 17:17 says that the way to do that is by God's truth - His Word. I need to be so bathed in God's Word that is transforms me, it sanctifies me, it causes me to be actively dedicated to His purpose in my life. 

I spent that afternoon praying. Thanking God for His reminder, even through a college bowl game, and asking Him to flood my life and my mind with His words; to invade my thoughts with His truth; to remind me to keep my Bible out and read it daily; to memorize it and put it into practice in my life. 

That's my prayer for 2010, and it's my prayer for you too. I started 2010 cancer free!! There is no better reason to spend the rest of the year praising Him, and letting Him "sanctify" me for His purpose!


  1. Amen Laura - I will pray for your count to go up. Thank you for teaching me to be more spiritually mature!

    Love you - Tanya