Sunday, January 24, 2010

Follow Me

We have a magazine with the actor Ashton Kutcher pictured on the front with the words, "Follow me." Of course, he is asking people to follow him on twitter. Due to the fact that I am technically challenged, I don't have a twitter account or follow anyone on twitter (sorry Donald, Lance, and COF!). But it is interesting to see this phenomenon sweep across our country - people connecting by "following."

I had the amazing privilege to speak to the Women of Community of Faith last Thursday night. As I prepared for Thursday I realized that my "chemo brain" was going to come into play. Here was my conversation with Mark on Wednesday morning:

Laura: "I don't know what I'm going to say Thursday night." 
Mark: "Yes, you do. You were sharing with me all your ideas just the other day."
Laura: "Yes, but I can't remember what they were."
Mark:  "Didn't you write them down?"
Laura:  "Yes, but I can't remember what my notes mean!"

So, needless to say, it was a true miracle that I was able to share anything coherent with the women on Thursday night! I decided that I would have to write everything out word for word so that I couldn't forget!

One of the things that I shared with the ladies was a story from the Bible found in the book of John. Jesus is talking to Peter and he foretells how life will be for him leading up to his death. He tells Peter that he won’t be able to dress himself, or feed himself, he won’t be able to see. Essentially, He tells Peter that life is going to be hard, and then you die. I can imagine Peter thinking, “Wow, Jesus, thanks for that.” But then Jesus says something interesting. He says to Peter, “Follow Me.” Your life is going to be difficult. That’s the truth. That’s just the way it is. So follow me. That’s what God wants us to know too. 2010 may be a great year for you, but it may be a really difficult year with unwelcome surprises, unexpected interruptions, heartache or tragedy – and just like he said to Peter, Jesus says to us, “Follow Me.” That’s the only way we can make it through life. We have to follow him.

In my journey through cancer I don't know the future. I don't know what's coming around the bend. I haven't been able to make any plans because I don't know from one week to the next what my schedule will be. My life is totally in the hands of God - His plans, His timing, His  long term goals. I can't see any of it. And the things I can see are scary.

As I have tried to learn to follow this is how my conversations with God have gone:
Laura: "I am all by myself."

God: "Follow me. I am with you."
Laura: "I am scared."
God: " Follow me. I will take care of you."
Laura: "I don't like this."
God: "Follow me. I am working for your good."
Laura: "I can't see where I'm going."
God: "Follow me. I know the way."
Laura: " I can't see the path."
God: "Follow me. Don't follow the path."

Follow me. Follow me. Follow me. That is His instruction for us.  Jesus was the first one to post anything on twitter (not Ashton Kutcher!) all those years ago as He called His disciples! And today He calls us too, to follow Him and connect with Him.

"Then He said to him, 'Follow Me.'" John 21:19
Women of COF


  1. Thank you my sweet Laura. I pray for you regularly. Sorry I haven't brought food but I don't cook anything from scratch but if I do, I will bring you some. I am reminding you to do like you say do: "Put on the full armor of God". I know you have or you couldn't speak or write so inspiring. I love you my friend. Marilyn Lewis

  2. Just what I needed to hear right now. Thank you, Laura.

    Another Marilyn

  3. Hi Laura, I was at the women's group Thursday night and I have to tell you, that you are such an inspiration...I had tears in my eyes more than once....even with "chemo brain" God is using you in a mighty way!! Praying for your platelets to be where they need to be tomorrow where you can get this all behind you!! Praying for Stacy and her family! God bless! Vickie D

  4. Very well said!

    Thank you for the link to Stacy. I am praying for her and I am still not happy that they did NOT do a PET scan after her treatment. You have said you don't know if they plan one after your chemo. treatment but I am sure that there are plenty of us that will petition your doctors and care team to get you a PET scan after you complete your treatments!! Please let us know either way, so we can be ready to go to battle for you if necessary!

    Love and appreciate you!
    Paula P.

  5. Excellent post!!! Comforting !!!!

    I just started Twittering... gave into it... but I hate the 'follow me' stuff and the 'following' ... ick. But I am doing it. :)