Thursday, January 21, 2010

Funny Stories

  • One of the funnier side effects of chemotherapy (maybe the only one?) is that my balance has been effected. If I close my eyes or pick up one foot I start to lean. I'm pretty sure no one else notices this but I sure feel it and it makes me laugh. I am afraid that one day someone might think that I am drunk! Don't worry, I haven't started drinking, I am just under the influence of drugs! 
  • The other day I accidentally got waterproof mascara on the end of my nose. Not just a little bit, but a big smear - several big spots. I tried to wipe it off, but because it was waterproof it wouldn't just wipe off. Naturally, I got distracted by something else and never removed the mascara from my nose. A little while later the door bell rang. It was a couple of Cy-Fair High School students selling pizza kits and cookie dough to raise money for their choir. Of course, I am a sucker for the kids out fundraising. I talked to the students for a few minutes asking them all about their choir. They spent time telling me about the products they were selling and I placed my order. Then I gave them a business card from our church, told them my husband was the pastor, and invited them to come see us sometime. Later, I walked into the bathroom, looked in the mirror, and I was horrified! I just spent 10 minutes talking to people at my door with mascara all over my nose! I even told them that Mark is the pastor of the church! I can just imagine them walking away and discussing my appearance! 
So, if you see me stumbling around, or if I show up with mascara on my nose, please be kind and help me out! It takes a village!


  1. I can tell we were cut from the same cookie cutter. :) Thats so funny cute! I would totally do something like that without any influence of anything. The plus factor is that you are so pretty that a glob of mascara on your nose was certainly not a distraction. Boogers may of been but not a glob of mascara. Okay so when I put it that way... a glob.. perhaps it was noticeable but I am positive you looked good with it on your nose and they may go away feeling its a new style and try it themselves and then before you know it the entire HS is walking around with smudges on their nose. Your a trendsetter Laura. You go girl!!!!

  2. Hahaha, the mascara is priceless.

    It's even worse when you have food in your teeth and no one tells you!

  3. Just pretend you play football and add a little under your eyes or something!

  4. You are beautiful but really on the inside. About wobling when you lean-I and other older people do this all the time. I try not to lean or if I do I hold on to soemthing, the wall anything! I love you, Marilyn