Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Prayer Request

When I was at the doctor's office yesterday he told me that he would order another PET scan in September. And then he said, "If the insurance company doesn't approve another PET scan, then we will do a CT scan and chest x-ray." He said that my insurance company sometimes doesn't approve another PET scan at this point.

It is hard for me to fathom that a follow-up PET scan at six months for someone who had a diagnosis of stage 3 cancer would not be approved, but I'm sure my oncologist has seen this happen before.  I would really prefer to have a PET scan in September. The machine they use at Memorial Hermann Radiation Center is the most accurate machine out there and the test is targeted to find cancer cells. 

So, this is where you come in! Please begin to pray now that my insurance company will approve a PET scan in September when they are contacted for that approval. Thank you!

Update on Tony:
Many of you have been praying for my friend, Tony, for several months. Mark and I had the pleasure of visiting with Tony and his wife, Debbie, last Friday. Tony continues to take part in a medical study for treatment of his cancer. He has had positive results as far as the shrinking of most of his tumors, however the side effects have been pretty rough on Tony. He continues to lose weight. He is in pretty constant pain. On Monday he was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in his leg. While physically he is struggling, emotionally and spiritually he is doing well. He is hoping and trusting in the Lord and depending on Him for strength and perseverance. Tony and Debbie thank you for your prayers and ask you to please keep praying for Tony's healing.


  1. Praying for that to happen with your insurance company. I know Jim and Rebecca were going through insurance issues just today. We are always praying for you all! Thanks for the update!!!

  2. Praying for you Laura, that the insurance company approves the PET scan. My husband, who is a doctor spends way too many hours on the phone with insurance companies, trying to advocate for the best care for his patients. It is time that he could be spending with his patients or providing better medical care. Our system is really messed up and often times doctors don't have a say because insurance companies and our government decides who gets treatment and they determine what kind of treatment is best for patients. It makes it tough for people in the medical field to provide the best care. I will be praying for you. Let us know what you find out.