Thursday, June 3, 2010

Glimpse of God

I read these words today:

"... no man can see my face and live. The self, the original man, shrivels up and dies, and upon the soul becomes stamped my image."  (God Calling)

I feel like that's what cancer has done - allowed me a tiny glimpse of the face of God - his sovereignty, his kindness, his power, his love, and his mercy. And maybe that's the change I sense in me, and have heard mentioned by so many other cancer patients and survivors. "I'm different now." " Everything has changed." Maybe it's that glimpse of God and his image now stamped on our souls.


  1. Thanks for painting a Glimpse of God.

  2. What you went through allowed you a look at God like most of us don't get. We don't get it because we never have the urgency to rush that close.