Monday, June 7, 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary!

June 7, 1960 a young man from Ada, Oklahoma married his high school sweetheart. Fifty years, 3 children, and 8 grandchildren later, they celebrate their Golden Anniversary!!

The whole family, along with nearly 150 friends and family gathered to celebrate and honor my parents this weekend. There were flowers, there was food, there was music, there was poetry, there was laughter, and there were many hugs. The room was filled with lots of love for two people who have been an amazing example to all of us. Thank you, mom and dad, for always choosing each other, for always choosing faithfulness, and for always choosing to put God first. I am so grateful that God chose you both to be my parents! I love you!


  1. Your sweet parents were the first "Sunday School" teachers that we encountered when we moved to Houston in 1983. They opened their home to all of us for socials and fun times. Their integrity in their spiritual, personal, and business lives have inspired us often. Congratulations to them. You are blessed to have them as parents!


  2. Laura-
    Happy Anniversary to your parents! Our family wishes them health and happiness for years to come. We hope to meet them someday!
    God Bless-
    John, Ellen and Alexndra Dettore

  3. Hey, Laura! Been out of town and just catching up on blogs!!!! Larry and I LOVE your parents! They were our Sunday School teachers too, and they blessed and inspired us as young couples, taught us by example and opened their home to us! We have always remembered those years! We wish them the very best!
    Ellen And Larry Forrester