Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I went to see Patricia today. Patricia has taken care of the Shook girls' hair for many years. She is one of my favorite people on the planet! She has a huge heart and treats her clients like family. 

I went by today to let her see that my hair is growing back in. She took one look at me and said, "You need help!" I laughed out loud, agreeing with her that my hair was in need of some Patricia magic! 

I haven't been able to color my hair for a year due to the chemotherapy. I was losing a lot of hair and didn't want to do anything to cause more hair loss.  In the beginning it didn't matter much because my hair wasn't growing at all, but now that I have finished all my treatments, my hair has started to grow again and it was looking pretty bad. 

Patricia took some time to look it over and then said, "You know it is growing in gray, right?" 
"Yes," I replied, "I know. But I'm just happy it's growing!"

Then she went to work, using a special product designed for cancer patients, and brought life back to my dull, graying, suddenly growing locks! By the time she was finished we were all smiling! 

My hair is still very thin, but I have new baby hairs growing in all over my head. At times they are unruly, sticking straight up on top of my head, giving me the appearance of a Cockatiel or a rooster! LOL! But I am celebrating those hairs! They represent life to me and all that goes with it!

Thank you, Patricia, for your love and your faithful friendship!! You are awesome!

Update on John and Ellen:  
John received the results of his latest CT scan today. The good news is that the tumors in his liver are shrinking in response to the chemotherapy! He is tolerating his treatments well. He has been walking for exercise, and the doctor told him today that he could do some light weight lifting. So, please keep praying for his complete healing. God is at work! Thank you!


  1. There's nothing like a good visit to get your hair done. So happy you did that, and just think, God knows the very number whether they are standing up or out or gray or whatever!

  2. Funnnnnnnnnn !!!! I bet you look beautiful!