Monday, June 14, 2010

Forgetting I had cancer?

Mark and I had dinner with some friends tonight. We shared a lot of laughs and as we drove home I thought to myself, "That was so much fun, I even forgot I had cancer."  That is significant to me. Although I don't want to ever forget where I've been or what I experienced or learned, I also don't want cancer to be a constant presence in my life. I was happy that I wasn't living with cancer lurking in the background or peering over my shoulder. 

But as soon as I had those thoughts, I had these:  "You just spent your whole dinner discussing cancer - symptoms, treatments, side effects, etc. etc. etc.!!  You were eating dinner with another family who is battling this disease!"  I didn't forget I had cancer - but I experienced the freedom to talk about it in all its gory detail with someone else who understood. What a special gift!

Medical update:
I received a call today from the surgeon's office with the results of the genetic testing that was done. All the results came back negative, meaning that I do not have a mutated gene that would make me, and possibly my children, more susceptible to colorectal cancer. That's good news for all of us!!


  1. This whole post is good news good news good news. :-) Good news that you are not in the position of freedom to share and good news that you do not have a mutant gene. Okay so if there is no genetic cause, do they suppose its environmental or what?

  2. This makes me so very happy! Love you!