Thursday, April 1, 2010

Our God is here!

I had the joy of going to our weekly COF staff meeting on Tuesday! This was a normal part of my routine until last June. I continued to attend staff meetings as I was able, but over the months, as my treatment became more intense and my immune system was weakened, I was not able to go. I have missed these sweet times! We have the most amazing group of people who work with us at COF! They are fun, they are funny, they are real, they are honest, they struggle like all of the rest of us, and the desire of each one is to know God better and to love Him more. They serve with humility and gratitude. They are my family and I love them very much! Thank you, God, for the honor of meeting with them and praying with them this week!

Some of my COF staff girls! Love 'em!

We are preparing for six Easter services at Community of Faith, beginning Friday evening. Traditionally, Easter is the largest attendance we have all year. We have 40,000 Easter eggs ready for the Easter egg hunts! We have done everything we can do to prepare for the crowds and the chaos. Now we are asking God to meet us there with power and strength. Please pray with us that God's Spirit will move in an incredible way in the hearts and lives of those who attend. 

Please pray specifically for the following:
1. Please pray for sunshine! Indoor Easter Egg hunts are not very fun!
2. Please pray for all of our volunteers to show up!
3. Please pray for no accidents, no injuries, and no waiting in the parking lot.
4. Please pray for safety of all the children who will be at COF this weekend.
5. Please pray for our worship team as they lead out this weekend.
6. Please pray for all our technical equipment to work without any issues - every cable, every connection, every computer, every switch, every plug, every bulb, every headphone, every microphone, every camera, every screen - you get the picture!
7. Please pray that God would give Mark exactly His words to speak.
8. Please pray that our first-time guests would feel comfortable and welcome.
9. And please pray that God's presence would be felt and recognized and that this weekend would prove to be the day of salvation for those who are seeking.

Thank you!

"The LORD has saved us! Let's celebrate. We waited and hoped-- 
now our God is here." Isaiah 25:9  



  1. WOW!!!! 6 services and 40,000 easter eggs!!!! WOW!!! I feel tired already!
    God bless it all! God bless you! :)