Sunday, April 4, 2010

He is Risen!

Thank you so much for praying for Easter weekend! We had an amazing weekend at Community of Faith! All six services went well. The kids enjoyed a great animal show and teaching where God's plan of salvation was clearly shared in a fun way that the kids could relate to. 249 people in the adult worship services said that they prayed to receive Christ as their Savior this weekend! And many more heard about God's love for them, and are interested and seeking. Our volunteers were awesome, our staff did an amazing job in spite of difficulties with the air conditioning in parts of the building, a broken ice machine, and other fun challenges! We heard so many good stories from people who were there for the first time! AND it didn't rain!! God certainly heard and answered your prayers this weekend!  Please pray now for those who are just beginning their relationship with Christ, and for those who are still processing all they saw, heard, and experienced this weekend.
To our Houston staff, congratulations on a job well done! Enjoy your Monday off!! We love you guys! Thank you for living it out!

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  1. So glad it went well and was a glorious weekend honoring God. We had to celebrate at home all weekend because my youngest got a terrible ear infection Friday evening. We still managed to have a wonderful time since family came to us but I was sad I missed the COF celebration.