Friday, April 2, 2010

Bye-bye Betty!

Well, I am enjoying my last few days with Betty. As of next Tuesday afternoon, she will no longer be a part of my daily life! She has served me well, but I will be happy to tell her good-bye. 

For anyone out there who is facing the challenge of living with an ileostomy, I can honestly tell you that it has not been near as awful as I imagined it could be. The cleaning and care have become routine, just another part of my day and my week. I have had absolutely no issues with leaking, blockage, or with breakdown of my skin. I know this is a result of so my people who have prayed about these things. It doesn't hurt, doesn't itch, doesn't interfere with my life at all. So, if an ileostomy is in your future, take heart, you can live with it easily!

Bye-bye Betty! 


  1. Your so cute! If I need a Betty, I would really love to have you cheer me on and tell how I too can live with it. I imagine by the time you were done telling me about Betty, I'd be trying to convince my friends to all get one and probably not know how I've lived my life this long without one. :)