Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Girls are Back in Town!!

Friday night Mark and I were watching the olympics, hoping that Apolo would come through for us in speed skating.  At 9:30 p.m. the door bell rang. We both looked at each other, but neither of us was expecting anyone. Because I had not properly bathed since the start of chemo on Monday, Mark had the job of answering the door. 

As soon as he opened the door he was overcome with cheering, party horns, balloons and hats accompanied by three smiling faces! Sarah and Ashley had driven down from Oklahoma, picked up their sweet friend Callie, and come home to celebrate the end of chemotherapy with their mom! What a special surprise!

I have the sweetest girls in the world!


  1. Sweet is right....and what an awesome thing to get to celebrate with their mom...isn't it good to feel so loved.

  2. That just made my heart smile! I love it!
    Surprises ROCK!

  3. Yay for your precious girls!!! Love them!