Friday, February 26, 2010

Wait and Rest

Everyone wants to know how I feel now that I've finished chemotherapy. I'm sure they are wondering how I feel emotionally, but all I can feel right now is how I am physically... just like after every other treatment! I have slept most of this week, day and night, I have been sick at my stomach, and I am very, very weak. But each day is a little better than the last!

I have had food cravings for corn bread and chicken fried steak; and thankfully I have an awesome husband and friends who go the distance to make those dreams come true! I'm just glad I feel like eating anything at all.

My one wish now is for a time machine so that I could move on into next week and feel good!

God's Spirit whispers again, "Wait. Rest. Wait. Rest."

And so I do.


  1. Laura,
    It's good to see you on this side of the trial. Really, really good.


  2. Wait. Rest. Wait. Rest. I agree with God. :-)

  3. Mmmm! Chicken fried steak! Non nom nom. Someday soon you will want to eat all the time, and your food will taste good, and you will have to resist that urge for chicken fried steak, or get fat like the rest of us. Rest. Wait. :)