Monday, February 15, 2010

For my good

Dear Bone Marrow,
I only have 11 ileostomy bags left. Please get yourself together and produce some platelets so I can have that last chemo treatment and surgery before I have to buy more bags. Thank you.

I woke up today with the lyrics from one of the songs we sang at COF this weekend playing over and over in my head: "You make all things work together for my good." I was looking forward to starting my last chemotherapy treatment today, and these lyrics reminded me to trust completely. Mark and I drove to the oncologist's office with perfect peace in our hearts.

Big Sigh... unfortunately my platelets were STILL too low to receive chemotherapy this week. They did jump up from last week - all the way from 88 to 89!! LOL!  So, again, we wait. Honestly, I am OK with waiting. I think everyone around me is more disappointed than I am. If I have learned anything over the last nine months it is that God works on His time table and not mine. 

I saw Dr. Campos in the hallway, he looked at me and said, "You failed!" It made me laugh out loud! I love my doctor! He always makes me laugh and in spite of how that statement sounds, he is always positive about my treatment and recovery. He is awesome! 

After seeing the doctor I spent the next hour rescheduling chemo appointments, doctor's appointments, lab tests, and the PET scan. I'm sure they are probably all tired of hearing me call and say, "I need to reschedule my appointment, again!" 

If I actually receive chemo next week then I will finish my last treatment on Ashley's 19th birthday! What a nice birthday present for her and for me! 

Special Prayer Request:
Please join me in praying for Edd and Nina Hindee whose son, Edd Jr., died in a skiing accident on Saturday. He was 33 years old and leaves three young children. The Hindee's are neighbor's of my parents and they own the Taste of Texas restaurant. They provided free meals for Mark and me from Taste of Texas all through my radiation treatments last summer. They are leaders in our city and beautiful examples of the love of Christ to everyone around them. Please pray for God's comfort and strength during these difficult days. Thank you!


  1. Hi, Laura,
    Still praying for you to have that last treatment, knowing it is all in God's timing. Will pray for the Hendees also. Just ate at Taste of Texas for my birthday. Will pray for their strength and comfort as they go through this difficult time.

  2. LOVE The letter to the Bone Marrow! I'm sure it will get its act together. It probably just forgot about the appointment.
    But, like you say, what a wonderful perfect gift for Ashley!
    Oh how sad for the Hindees!!!!
    I will pray for comfort and strength for them!

  3. Perhaps God's plan is for you to be there for the Hindee's. If you had your treatment, that would not be possible. Just like the week before, He wanted you to feel well enough to speak at Stacey's service. HIS timing is always perfect, even though we are clueless most of the time! Covering you all with a blanket of prayer! Knowing HE will carry them through the difficult days.

    Are you sure we can't donate some platlets for you to receive? I will be very specific in my prayers for you, "Bone Marrow, get busy and make more platlets! I am sure God is willing to let your marrow work overtime!" Ask, Seek, Knock!!! ;-)

  4. Laura,
    I love the flair of humor you have added to this journey. We will be praying for those platelets to get on up there!
    We are also praying for the Hindee family. So thankful that they know the Lord...He is our hope when all else fades away!
    I have been reminded of that over and over and over this week!
    Love you!