Sunday, February 21, 2010

Glimpse of Heaven

Since I couldn't get my chemo treatment last week I was able to teach the Women of COF  on Thursday night. We always have a great time when all the girls get together! I am not a great Bible scholar, so I just share what God has been teaching me in my life. This past Thursday I spoke about the reality of "today" - how God's plan is for us to live our lives in the present moment because that is all the time we know we have. If you are interested in hearing that message you can go to the following link:


Twenty-four hours later, Mark and I were hanging out together on Friday night, talking about life and what's to come, and I totally threw out everything I had learned and taught about living "today"! How easily I forget the lessons God is teaching me! As I shared with Mark I began to cry again - hoping that I would have the chance to live out my dreams - dreams of a long life with Mark, time spent with my favorite people in my favorite places, and sharing the love of Christ around the world. They seemed like pretty good dreams to me! 

But even as I poured my heart out to Mark, God opened up my eyes to see even greater things. He gave me a tiny glimpse of Heaven. He reminded me that Mark and I have eternity together! Forever together! And as nice as my dreams may seem, God has planned things I can't even imagine! I dream of 80+ years with Mark and time spent in Latin America and Africa. He dreams of eternity with Mark and travel to unimaginable places with God-sized jobs to do! Wow! How small my dreams seem in comparison to His!   

God, count me in! I want Your dreams! 

"Trust God from the bottom of your heart; don't try to figure out everything on your own. Listen for God's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he's the one who will keep you on track." Proverbs 3:5-6


  1. I can not wait to see how God uses you and where you go, what you do! I hope on one of your mission adventures I can go too !!!

    I'm listening to "Today" right now. I hope this is shared EVERYWHERE for many people. I must tell you Laura, anyone can possibly teach on 'today' but there is something that causes us to listen more to someone who has survived life threatening cancer. Some messages can be preached by anyone but only some people can have the impact by their testimony when imparting a certain message.

  2. I'm STILL thinking one of God's dreams for us is the 12 month thing you and I talked about!! ;)

  3. Hi Laura,

    This is Niesa, Stacey Gaecke's sister in Law. I just want to tell you thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in our lives (the past two weeks especially). First, at the memorial service where you shared about your friendship with Stace (which she cherished so much), and when you let the boys know that their mom's prayers were circling and directly and personally told to amazing visualization. (That was a run on or something incorrect! LOL)

    Next, Mom (Betty) and I went to Women of COF for the first time in a long time...since before Stace got sick...and you spoke about your experience with cancer and living TODAY. I had no idea the words today and daily were in the Bible so often! It made me think about how I think, plan and do life.

    All this rambling...ha!...just to say "thank you" for being open and real, and for sharing your life in a way that makes a difference for so many women TODAY.

    Love you and praying continuously!


  4. Laura, I love this post! His dreams are so much higher than ours~I want in on His dreams for my life, too!

  5. Love, love, love this scripture. Thanks so much for sharing His Love today.

  6. Laura, Women of Cof was fantastic! You opened my eyes to how worrisome and burdened I've become in my own life. I made a list of 101 things to complete and one of them was to most definitely broaden my relationship with God and allow him to take my worries and fears away from me and help me walk a greater path. I appreciate every time you speak because you are so full of wisdom and life lessons that we can all learn from. Thank you for being there, you are amazing!!!