Tuesday, March 2, 2010

New Week

Usually the week following chemo week I continue resting and gradually begin to get all the things done that didn't get done the week before. This week has been a little different.

Monday I went to have blood work done, as usual. My platelets have dropped down to 43 and my white cell count has dropped. Both of those things were expected following my treatment.  A platelet count of 43 is hovering just over a dangerous level, so I was given specific instructions to watch for bruising and bleeding of any kind and to call the doctor if that happens. I've been in this position before, so I don't expect there to be any problems. I will have my blood checked again next Monday just to make sure that the platelet level has begun to climb and not continued to decrease.

I have to tell you that it felt really good to walk into the oncologist's office knowing that I would not be receiving any more chemotherapy. I think I was walking taller and I certainly had a bigger smile on my face!

Today we were back at the hospital, only this time I was not the patient! Our daughter, Sarah, had outpatient surgery today to remove her gall bladder. After almost a year of pain, it was time for it to come out! Surgery went well. Sarah is home and has already been walking around the house! So this week I get to be her nurse! : )  I know she would appreciate your prayers for a full quick recovery.

It has been such a lesson to me to watch how God has orchestrated the timing of everything over the past nine months.  Every thing in every area of my life. The timing of my last chemo treatment was perfect. The timing of Sarah's surgery was perfect. I wonder why I ever thought I needed to do His job?  He is much better at it!


  1. Another post to make me smile. Smile at the victory you are walking in. Smile at God's timing.
    I too find myself telling God how He might like to do something.... just friendly suggestions....lol.... oh dear. :-)

  2. You are so sweet to share your life with us, that we may be encouraged and drawn into a deeper relationship with Him. Oh, how I want Him to be in charge...I seem to mess things up when I take over.
    I will be praying for the platelet level to go up, for bruising and bleeding to not arise, and for Sarah to be completely healed!
    It seems that every time you "missed out" on getting chemo, there was a very specific reason. The timing of you being finished is impeccable as well. God is so good!