Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Weekend

We had a nice weekend! In the midst of everything else swirling around us, I am actually recovering well from surgery. I am getting stronger each day. I did five minutes on the elliptical machine the other day (it felt like five miles!) and today I actually walked all the way around the lake (1.3 miles)! 

I also went to church this weekend! It was so nice to be around all my COF family, to see your smiles and get your hugs! That is always an encouragement to me! I can tell my stomach muscles are healing because I could actually sing all the songs without losing my breath! Of course I came home and took a two hour nap afterward, but that is pretty normal for a Sunday! 

One of the things that Lance mentioned in his message this weekend, and something that we talk about all the time at COF is the idea of making God the "boss of your life." I started thinking about that today in relation to my life right now...

What does it mean for someone to be the "boss"?  
  • The boss sets the values of the company
  • The boss sets the goals of the company
  • The boss sets the time tables for the company
  • The boss decides what will be produced by the company
  • The boss manages, educates, encourages, and evaluates
  • The boss leads
  • The boss is ultimately responsible for the outcome
And if I'm not the boss, what do I do?
  • I make those values my values
  • I strive to meet the goals 
  • I follow the boss's time schedule
  • I learn, I grow, I listen, I change
  • I follow
  • I rest in the fact that I am not the boss
And I think that's what God wants me to remember right now. He IS the boss. He is ultimately responsible for the outcome. All I have to do is learn, grow, listen, change, follow, and REST. He doesn't need me to be in control. I can rest in the fact that He is the boss; and in so doing, I am free to enjoy the beauty of each day, the beauty of each moment. Like five moments on the elliptical machine, the ducks in the lake, the beautiful sunset, and walking hand in hand with my sweet husband!


  1. YOU GO GIRL!:)
    ALWAYS remember it doesn't matter what we do, how we feel, what we want. It's our LORD JESUS CHRIST who is in control of OUR lifes. HE loves us more than ANY THING and HE will ALWAYS do what he feels is right for our lifes.
    I LOVE YOU SWEET LAURA, just let go and give it ALL to our LORD and things will go the way He wants it. What's another 6 months of the rest of your LIFE.

  2. Laura, you are blessed and tremendously loved and favored by God. I just had to say that. :)

    Its so sweet to appreciate the beauty moments in life... walking... holding hands... simple things that are so beautiful.

    May God surround you today giving you more energy, more strength, more hope, more peace, anointed with the oil of joy over flowing and a strong sense of knowing that all is well and will be well.

  3. Love looked beautiful yesterday..I am glad we have the same Boss:)

  4. So nice to meet You and Mark and I am praying for are a wonderful inspiration for those of us in remission..Larry Dyson

  5. Preach on Little Preacher Girl!! I love you!! Marilyn Lewis

  6. You know, life is just a whole lot easier when you are not the boss. And to have the Boss of all bosses controlling your life is the greatest blessing of all! Rest in the comfort of His love and grace! He will see you through these next few months, just as He has the past few months. Jeanne