Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chemo Round One - Done!!

Wow! I survived week one of IV chemotherapy! Sorry for the delay in updating my blog, but I have been adjusting to my new reality and learning what I can expect in the months ahead. 

I have such a new respect for everyone I have ever known who has had to live through this experience! You are all heroes and you deserve some sort of medal or something! 

You may recall a few months ago when I told Mark one day that "I am not a weenie sick person!" Well, I stand corrected. I most definitely AM a weenie sick person!! I am not a good patient! (Can a nurse ever really be a good patient?) I don't like being tired and I certainly don't like being sick at my stomach! The last few days have been a little rough. I am extremely fatigued, sleeping 12 hours every night plus naps during the daylight hours. I have been sick to my stomach since Tuesday afternoon. The anti-nausea meds do work, and I finally succumbed to the fact that I just have to take them whether I want to or not. Diarrhea is a new normal, which is even more fun given the fact that I have an ileostomy!  Ahhhh...the life of a weenie sick person!

All that said, today was a new day!! I woke up without nausea and have enjoyed eating today! I am one day closer to "normal"! I have 10 days to enjoy before I face round two!

I can't even express to you how much I appreciate all your encouraging messages, texts, emails, and notes! I am especially grateful to those of you who have walked this path and have passed along your advice and suggestions! I know that the effects of chemo tend to be cumulative, so I'm sure that I will have even more difficult weeks to come. I count on your prayers!

As you pray for me this week, please pray for these specific things:
1. Pray that my white blood cell count stays normal so that I can fight off infections. I will have blood work done on Tuesday to see how the chemo effected my blood counts. 
2. Pray that I will be vigilant in watching my fluid output and not become dehydrated.
3. Pray that I will have an appetite and be able to eat to maintain muscle mass. 
4. Pray that I will wait and rest and trust in God and His plan for me right now.
5. Pray that these drugs kill any and all micro-metastases in my body.

Back to the couch!!


  1. Praying for you, Laura! Writing the requests down so I can remember how to pray specifically. So glad for you that one week is down!
    Blessed is the man who endures trial for he will receive the crown of life. James 1:12

  2. I'm SOOO very HAPPY :) you are finally feeling alittle better. Think of it this way-1 down and 5 more to go. That doesn't sound so bad. Laura we are ALL praying every day for you. How ALLSOME is that?:)

  3. Hi Laura, I am sooooo glad to see a new post on your blog!! Praying for you and thinking of you every day!! Wish I could just make all this go away for you, but I can't
    :( I do know that you are such a very special lady and that God has a very special plan for you! With much love!! Vickie D

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  5. Laura,

    Praying all the time!


  6. Laura,
    I have been following your blog and how God is at work in your life! I love how you share truth and cling to God and his word constantly.

    Next week I am doing a devotional for the people serving in Stephens Minsitry with me at my church here in Colorado. I was wondering if you would allow me to read one of your blogs as a reference? I would not need to share your name, unless you would want me to, but wanted to read the blog because it was very touching. It was the Tuesday, June 9th blog about the healing power of touch with the verse from Mark 10:16. As I have been peparing and asking God to lead me with the devotional, God continues to remind me of that specific blog you wrote back in June. If you would rather have me not share it, I completely understand.

    I continue to pray for complete healing and strength for you! Praying for God to carry you through your treatments and give you his peace and sustain you!


  7. Laura, just a note....Us health care professionals are really the worst patients. We know too much for our own When you stop your IV fuilds on the pump, and saline lock it, to get up and go pee, you know you are a bad patient.
    Anyway! Still praying for you. You are doing AWESOME!!