Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hospital Photo Album

I thought you might like to see a few pictures from my week at the hospital. These are not the most attractive pictures of me, but, hey, I just had surgery! Enjoy!

Checking in at the hospital, wearing OU t-shirt in honor of my kids!
My parents
Pre-surgery style show #1 - the stockings
Pre-surgery style show #2 - the cap
1 day post-op - my drill sergeant, Coretha
Post-op exercise, fun! That smile says, "You want me to do WHAT?"
My new Betty t-shirt in honor of Betty the Bag! Thanks, Teri!
My "Bee healthy" blanket, thanks "Angels in Action"!
My room was full of flowers!! 
The actual sign posted above my bed, seriously! This will be the title of my book one day! LOL!!


  1. Ok....I am lovin the surgery look!!! And the OU shirt in honor of your girls!!! You look beautiful as always because you are God's creation and everything he makes is beautiful! I am gonna have to get a Betty shirt!!! GOD IS AWESOME!

  2. The sign... oh how humbling! How do you look so young with 3 grown children? Do tell your secret! So glad you are home and doing well.

  3. Looking young and beautiful even after major surgery!!!! I am still laughing so hard about the sign! Great title for your blog/book!


  4. No one can say that Laura Shook is not a fashionista, that's for sure. You do us proud! Who are the 'Angels in Action' whose 'Bee Healthy blanket' you're snuggled up in?

  5. PRAISE OUR LORD on your test results!!
    And don't you look COOL in your glasses.:)
    I CAN NOT not believe they put that sign on your hosp. door. I would of asked them if that was necessary. Ha!
    On a serious note, I found this poem I thought was YOU:

    I shall have faith through a mountain may stand,
    Seeming impossible; at His command
    I shall go forward expecting that He
    Who promised a pathway, will clear one for me.

    I shall have faith though an ocean may rise,
    Hiding the opposite shore from my eyes.
    I shall not falter, for I have been shown
    That God never fails to take care of His own.

    I shall have faith, placing all I hold dear
    Under His care; there is nothing to fear
    Night has no terrors; storms cannot appall;
    Shadows are veils that the sunbeams let fall.
    Dawn scatters darkness; it brings a new day
    And I shall have faith because God walks my way.
    written by Eugenia Finn
    I LOVE YOU LAURA SHOOK and THANK YOU for inspiring ME and OTHERS through your blog.

  6. Just wanted to say that I love the book title! A best seller for sure!

  7. I REALLY hope your going to make a book!

    Betty Boop made me laugh but the sign made me spew out my coke. Thats just too funny!!!! So much empty space all around the text though....I would of had to color it, brighten it up and make it more cheerful. "Nothing Per Rectum"... smiley faces, flowers, stickers, fluffy clouds, trees with birds...

    Wonderful pictures!

  8. I'm cracking up at the sign. It's not like you were comatose or something. I think you would probably have been reliable enough to tell them, "Uh, no, stay away from *there*" And then, it's not like they would come in when you were sleeping to administer something, again, *there*. I hope they wouldn't administer anything by rectum to someone unaware! Too funny.

  9. I think you should have the
    "Nothing per rectum" made into a shirt...
    Or possibly a tatoo...
    What about if you had that tatooed on your buttock....
    in a very feminine cursive font and maybe a cute "Betty" picture...
    OR....go with me on this one..
    The tatto could say..
    Betty always says "nothing per rectum"

    I am PRAISING Jesus over your pathology reports....How AWESOME is our Great God.
    I have been praying, believing for exactly this from the start. Isn't it just so cool when our desires are God's desires as well.

    love you and am rejoicing in Texarakana for you and your family!
    love ya, debbie schreve