Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Chemo Day 1

Everything went well today. I am tired, which I think is a combination of surgery yesterday and treatment today, and I am a little queasy. I spent 5 1/2 hours getting infusions today, I have a 48 hour infusion pump that I came home with, I will get a two hour infusion at the doctor's office Thursday, and then on Friday they will disconnect the pump and I will be done for two weeks.

We feel your prayers. Please keep it up. Please pray for no nausea, no diarrhea, no peripheral neuropathy, and emotional strength. And, of course, the destruction of any cancer cells and the protection of healthy cells. Thank you! 

I'm off to sleep! Good night!


  1. Glad to hear it went reasonably well after I saw you this am. Fatigue is a hangaround from the steroids and benadryl they give you.Just roll with it and you'll be fine.

    It helped me to visualize in my mind the chemo gobbling up any cancer cells it could find - kinda like Pac Man...

    You can do this you are a woman of strong Faith! Know that my prayers are with you as charge forward!

  2. One day down!!!!!

    Praying for you often. I have found that through your blogs I have grown to love someone, you, I have only met once, a whole bunch...and if you want to know the truth, when we did actually meet years ago, I thought Mark was my cousin. LOL. :0) Probably has to do with that getting lost syndrome and not knowing my left from my right most the time. :)

    Melissa Bank:
    "During chemo, you're more tired than you've ever been. It's like a cloud passing over the sun, and suddenly you're out. You don't know how you'll answer the door when your groceries are delivered. But you also find that you're stronger than you've ever been. You're clear. Your mortality is at optimal distance, not up so close that it obscures everything else, but close enough to give you depth perception. Previously, it has taken you weeks, months, or years to discover the meaning of an experience. Now it's instantaneous."

  3. Hold fast to Gods'Blessings...Mark we are praying for Both of You...a caregivers place is difficult to be...

  4. Praying for the things you mentioned. FOCUS!! Let's hold each other accountable on that one! God is placing you in a special mission field that you would probably never have visited before during these treatments. Your light is shining not just like a pen light but like a search light for Jesus!

    To God Be the Glory!!