Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I feel like I won the lottery today! Your prayers were answered, as always, by a very gracious God! 

I saw the oncologist today to see how my first chemo treatment effected my blood cells. He was concerned that they may have dropped too low due to the previous radiation to my pelvis and possible damage to the bone marrow in my pelvic bones. I know that many of you have been praying specifically for my blood counts... and the news was good!! While the numbers did drop, they are still within the normal range which means that, for this treatment cycle at least, I do not have to add another injection to my chemo regimen (a shot that would have caused pain in my bones!)! So, I am very happy, very proud of my bone marrow, very thankful for your prayers, and very grateful for God's small mercies! 

But that's not even the best news!!  Many of you have been praying for my friend, Bruce, and his battle against metastatic colon cancer. Bruce has been receiving chemotherapy for several months now. He has been fighting hard, and has been an inspiration to me as I follow in his steps. He recently had a new CT scan and PET scan and the doctors told him this week that they found no evidence of cancer in his body!!! This is truly a miracle! Please join me and Bruce's family in praising God for this precious gift!! Thank you so much for praying for Bruce, and please continue to pray for his complete and life-long healing.

I thought you might enjoy a few pictures from last week:

Beautiful flowers from my brother and sister-in-law. Made my day!

Pre-op waiting room before surgery on Tuesday.

White board in my pre-op waiting room. 
You might notice that the handwriting 
for "Expectations" is different... 
Mark filled that in!

Me - Day 1 of chemo while I'm still able to smile!

"Then call on me when you are in trouble, 
and I will rescue you and you will give me glory."
Psalm 50:15

Lord, today we give you glory!


  1. Great news Laura for you and Bruce. Continued prayers and good thoughts for all.

  2. Laura, Debbie had that nuelasta infusion. It's NAAASTY! Praise God!


  3. YAY!! God is so AWESOME!!! I love you!!

  4. Laura,

    Your daily posts have assisted me! I was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer and tomorrow is my last day of radiation before surgery in November at MD Anderson. Last Sunday, my family came to your church for the first time. Simply put it was an awesome and uplifting experience for us!!! My wife met you at the ladies night out at COF and I would like to meet you since your inspiration has inspired so many; including my family. As you have been doing, keep your head held high because the Man above is smiling on you to keep many of us informed and inspired with similar paths!

    Greg Stock

  5. YIPEEEE! Yeah for no bone marrow booster and an awe struck THANK GOD for your friend Bruce. We will have to compare Port scars when this is all over. It looks like yours is on the right like mine was! Love you my friend!