Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Only You and me

Yesterday, as I prepared my intestines for surgery, I had praise music playing in the house all day. One of the songs that came on was "Only You" by David Crowder. I sang it all day in my heart, and it is on my mind today.

Take my heart, I lay it down at the feet of You who's crowned
Take my life, I'm letting go, I lift it up to You who's throned
And I will worship You Lord, only You, Lord
and I will bow down before You, only You Lord

Take my fret, take my fear, all I have I'm leaving here
Be all my hopes, be all my dreams, be all my delights, be my everything
And it's just You and me here now, only You and me here now
You should see the view when it's only You

That's my prayer today. It's You and me, Lord. Thanks for being here with me.

We arrive at the hospital at 11:00 am and surgery is scheduled for 1:00 pm.


  1. Dear Laura, I have just discovered your blog in the last few days. Know that you have one more friend praying for you, your surgery, and your recovery. Waiting to hear all God is going to do. In Him, Pat Kuehn

  2. You are a True Princess Warrior! Your King is "attending unto your prayers , from the ends of the earth as you cried out to Him, when your heart was overwhelmed. He has led you to The Rock that is higher than you where you continually dwell. He is your Hiding Place, GREAT Physician & Help in time of trouble! He is delivering you and strengthening you from the Inside Out! Bless His Holy Name! Praying, charity.

  3. Laura and Family,

    We've been praying for all of you daily but especially today, at this hour, prayers are going out to all of you.

    Thank you for being so real throughout the last few months..you have been such a blessing to so many people!

    Earlier today I heard the song "I will praise you in this storm"...I love that song so much, but especially thought of you Laura while hearing it, because that is what you have done, you have praised God through YOUR storm. Just remember, the clouds go away, the sun will shine bright and the birds will sing!

    You are truly a beautiful lady!
    Wendy Thomas-Schilleci

  4. Dear Laura, You are a very special person with the heart and courage to claim the promises of God. We've been praying for your understanding, trust and endurance since we recognized you in that waiting room on May 27th. We'll continue to pray for God's comfort and healing, and His Spirit working in you. In Christ, with you, in peace, Dianne & Kevin DePoy, Fellowship Campus.

  5. I have been thinking of you today and hopeful that everything went okay. Praying!

  6. I've been praying for you every day, and especially today. God bless you, Laura!

  7. Oh my sweet friend... Praying today! Praying for an easy recovery with minimal pain. I love you.


  8. Been praying for you all day, Laura! Continuing to pray for each request.