Friday, August 21, 2009

Answered prayers

Ashley kisses the dog and heads out the door to her new life. She is going to be a freshman at the University of Oklahoma. As I watch the scene unfold it hits I see God's answer to a prayer I began praying 14 years ago.

"Lord, please let Biscuit live until all the kids are out of the house."

A simple request from a mother's heart, honored by a God full of compassion and understanding.

Ashley is going to college? My baby? Where has the time gone? Please treasure your moments with your children. They pass way to quickly!

Somehow we get everything in two cars moved up to the third floor and into a tiny dorm room. A miracle in itself! Ashley is met by one very excited sister, Sarah, and three other friends, Tyler, Megan, and Bridgette, who all help her get things put away and organized. Their kindness comforts my heart. She is going to be OK here.

As we invade the dorm room we awaken Ashley's new roommate, Samantha. She is a beautiful girl who has come to OU all the way from Hong Kong! Most of the girls on Ashley's wing are international students, or have grown up outside of the U.S. What a perfect place for Ashley!

Right away Samantha tells us about her family, and then she tells us that she is a Christian. I have to contain myself so that I don't jump up and down screaming and embarrass my daughter. For over a year I have been praying that God would hand-pick Ashley's roommate.

A simple request from a mother's heart, honored by a God full of compassion and understanding.

"Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank him for all he has done" Philipppians 4:6

Thank you, God, for all you have done!


  1. Ashley is a very neat person. Samantha is blessed to have her as well!! She is going to absolutely love college!

    I shared your great news with my family last night at our family health meeting and we ended our meeting by thanking God for his miracle in you!! LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Tears of Joy again!! Somehow, I am involved in all your answered prayers! God is amaising and yes Ashley is the perfect roomate for Samanta! And visia-versa. You can relax! All is well. I continue to pray for you.

  3. That is wonderful! We are so happy for Ashley and blessed to hear of all of your answered prayers.

  4. Laura, I just wanted to let your know that your comment that they grow up so fast inspired me to spend extra time with my boys (7 and 11) tonight. We sat outside - in our neighbors yard, teeheehee - for over and hour and a half to watch the owl activity up in a very tall palm tree. We just now got in at almost one. It was special time for us. I'm grateful for the reminder from you to enjoy this time with our kids.

    Keep hangin' on to Him!

    Maura Mikulec, old high school friend of your brother Steve

  5. I have a new favorite bible verse....Phillipians 4:6

    That is exactly the wisdom I need today. Thank you!