Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One week til surgery...

Today started off with another visit with the Enterostomal Therapist. I watched a nice video about living with an ileostomy. All the people on the video assure me that I will be able to enjoy all the same activities I normally do even with an ileostomy. They made it all seem so ordinary and simple. 

Then she took measurements of my body to select the best spot for placement of the ileostomy. Her measurements confirmed that I am short. No surprise there! She says I will want to use a short ileostomy bag. She looked at the type of clothes I normally wear, looked at my bone structure, other abdominal scars, and the location of a particular abdominal muscle (I was kind of surprised that she found an abdominal muscle at all!) Then she took out a sharp instrument and carved a small "X" on my stomach. She really should have warned me before she did this! It's just a scratch, but it did sting! The surgeon will do his best to place the stoma where the "X" is if he is able to.

She plans to visit me in the hospital and she will be available to me if/when I need help or have questions about the ileostomy and all the ileostomy gear I will be using. In short, we will be close!

The idea of surgery is becoming more real now!

We spent the afternoon packing up the cars with all of Ashley's stuff for her dorm room! Thanks to Samantha and Shane for all their help! They arrived just in time!

Ashley is going to college! How exciting! We will miss her like crazy, but I know she is going to have a great  year at OU!!  Sarah is excited that they will have this year together!  BOOMER SOONER!!


  1. You are so beautiful, you should be a poster girl for an ileostomy...you should do a video explaining the steps... because you are so pretty, so fresh, so honest and compassionate you would make a perfect explanatory video for patients who need one. :) You'd make me feel better about getting one!!!!!!!

    Yay OU !!! Great college! :) Hope your doing okay with another one flying the coop! Mine leaves tomorrow... I've made my peace.. kinda!

  2. OH- how I will NEVER forget when my last BABY flew the coop-I experienced I loneliness that I have NEVER experienced before in my life, SOO get ready ladies because yal will have a sadness you will never forget in yals life. Even you know they will be O.K. and they will have fun and most of all you and your honey will have that special alone times together that yal haven't expericed for a while BUT this time will pass as all others do. :( XOXO
    P.S. As always, my prayers are with YOU sweet Laura. And how long will you be in the hospital and what hospital?? A HUG FOR YOU TODAY!

  3. Had hoped you would get to by-pass the ostomy, but I can't imagine the course of your recovery any other way... And I agree, you are truly the "wholesome poster child" for ostomy ad's - but I wouldn't take that one to the bank! Hope you recuperate quickly and can get rid of it ASAP!!! Will come see you after your surgery. My prayers for you are for a rapid recover and complete healing. Praise the Lord for the miracles you have already reported! Love you.

  4. i LOVE you!!!!!! and i miss Ashley too :(