Friday, August 20, 2010

"Labor Day Holiday Extravaganza!" - Part I

True friends make sure their friends get colonoscopies.  

Several weeks ago I called Teri and told her that I had an appointment with the surgeon to schedule my next colonoscopy. Teri has never had a colonoscopy and she is past the magical age of 50.  I instructed her to call and make an appointment for the same day and we would go together.  (Sometimes, friends don't want to have colonoscopies and you have to push a little bit to get them to do it.)  Thankfully, Teri called and was able to get an appointment at the same time.

Fast forward to Monday. I text Teri to see if she is ready to go to the doctor.  She tries to tell me that she doesn't have an appointment.  She even checks her calendar where she has a doctor appointment crossed out:

Actual photo of Teri's calendar

After further investigation and discussion, Teri realizes that she has made a mistake, and that, yes, she does in fact have an appointment to see the doctor about scheduling a colonoscopy. (I think her brain had blocked it out!) She races to pick me up and we head to the doctor's office:

Teri with her eyes closed, trying to block out the inevitable

Teri fills out her paperwork. She finally gets it finished after having it returned to her twice for corrections. I think maybe she is nervous...

Third time's the charm!

While waiting to see the doctor, Teri reads the following article. Seems appropriate given the trouble she had with her calendar!

Everything goes well with her appointment. She likes the doctor. We sit down together with the nurse to schedule our colonoscopies. The next available date is Tuesday, September 7th, the day after Labor Day. I remind Teri that it is a holiday weekend, thinking she might want to schedule it for a later date so as not to spend the holiday in the bathroom enjoying the colon prep experience! But she replies, "No, it's OK. It will be a Labor Day Holiday Extravaganza!!"  It sure will!

Thank you, Teri, for having this done! It means the world to me!

More to come later...


  1. Good for y'all!!

    i keep postponing mine .. I think my dr has given up on me! ;)

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love you, girls!

  3. Wow...she clearly has never done the colonoscopy prep! I have to have it done annually and it stinks! (no pun intended!) I would definitely not do it on a holiday weekend!

    P.S.-Teri do not read! LOL!!!!!!

  4. I love you with all my heart! If it wasn't for you...I probably would not do this...I do think I subconsciously blocked it out...Gwen! I won't read your comment, if I did, I probably won't remember it! LOL
    Laura..thank you for setting me straight!! LOL!!!
    We are officially running buddies and only Laura and I will know what that means!

  5. A friend pointed me to your blog when I found out my dad had (lung) cancer and I've kept up with it ever since. Now I'm getting my first colonoscopy on the 20th and I'm terrified out of my mind! I keep reading horror stories about people having pain with them and being awake for it when I came online to read GOOD stories about them (no good stories about golytely though!).

  6. Lisa, please don't be scared! The internet always has horror stories about everything. The people who have good experiences don't go online to write about them! A colonoscopy is really easy, not painful, you will most likely be asleep and wake up when it's finished. The day before is the hard day - you will want to be at home, close to a bathroom. Use baby wipes instead of toilet paper. I'm glad you are having it done! Send me your email address if you have questions.