Thursday, August 5, 2010


As the plane leaves the runway in San Jose, I can't keep from crying. I have so many conflicting emotions swirling around in my head and heart.  I have had such an awesome time these weeks in Costa Rica. I will miss my Tico friends who are like family to me, but I will be happy to see my friends and family in Houston. I will miss my quiet times on my Costa Rican porch, but I look forward to getting back to Community of Faith. 

And for a moment, I can't help but wonder... is this it? Will this be the last time I'm ever here? God, will you let me come back again?  Then I push those thoughts away, trusting that my life and future are safe in God's hands. 

Three and a half hours later we land in Houston, slowly wind through the long line at immigration, collect our luggage and head to the house. I walk through the door and am welcomed with a spotless house! The refrigerator is cleaner than it's been since the day I bought it, the garage has been swept out, even my closet has been straightened up and vacuumed!! Once again I am overwhelmed by love - God's love, and the love of his people - and I know that everything is going to be OK. 


  1. So glad ya'll are back safe and sound. Glad that your trip was an awesome won. First Thursday was great last night. We missed Mark, Lance did an awesome job though!

  2. We definitely missed you and can understand why it is hard to leave Costa Rica! You will be back soon. We love you Laurita. :-)