Friday, March 19, 2010


"No tumors were found. Your PET scan was normal."

Two simple sentences, and yet they left me speechless. I hoped it was true, I believed it was true, but to hear the actual words blew my mind! I felt as if my heart actually stopped for a split second. As surreal as it was to hear the words, "You have cancer," last May, it was just as mind boggling today to hear that there is no sign of the disease in my body. I feel like I am in shock again. I lay on the floor and breathe deep. I am alive. I am still alive! I get to go on living! 

Thank you Jesus, for hearing my prayers, and the prayers of so many others. Thank you that you are good, and you would have still been good even if the results had been different. I love you!

Then I call Mark, and my parents, and frantically send text messages to everyone who was waiting with me... what an amazing group of family and friends! God has surrounded me with so much love and support!

My brother, Cary,  responds to the text message with these words, "The PET scan may be normal, but that doesn't mean YOU are normal!" I love that he always makes me laugh!

My friend, Debbie, calls from California, laughing, crying, dancing... and then she says to me, "Welcome to the CANCER-FREE club!" 

I am cancer-free!! I survived!! Thank you Jesus!

"I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!" Isaiah 65:24


  1. I'm speechless smiling. I'm smiling so big I can't talk. I'm smiling so huge I'm unable to talk. I'm rendered speechless...i am experiencing speechlessness from happiness.... tears of joy... great big happy tears... but only from my left eye because for some freaky reason tears seem to be only falling from one eye these I'm so happy speechless... I can't stop typing happy.... !!!!

  2. Crying again as I read this - but this time - they are REALLY happy tears! :)

  3. To God be the glory! Rejoicing with you!

  4. We have such a powerful God who answers prayers. Amen.

  5. I was just getting sleepy in bed .. Fri nite..and flew back up and told my husband I have to go see how Laura's test turned out...and there it was ... GOODEST NEWS ! from a GOOD GOOD GOD ! I'm sleeping with a big smile in my heart ... BLESSSSSS you Laura and I have to say this again .. your WALK and your testimony has blessed countless. Encouraged them (me) to DIG IN and know God in a deeper way ... a life giving way! Praise you Lord! Sleep sweet. Wow ... : )

  6. What a gift!! What a good God!! What a faithful, inspiring, beautiful person you are!! I am so very happy for you Laura!! I lost my brother and my sister to lung cancer so I know what a horrible disease this is and what a wonderful, wonderful victory this is! Soooooooooooo very happy for you Laura! With much love and admiration... Vickie D

  7. Praise God...for He is good...all the time!!!
    In my spirit I just knew it was going to be 'all is well' with you. But I know how just hearing those 'words' takes your breath away and makes your spirit soar, your face smile, your feet dance, and your heart leap!!!! AWESOME NEWS!!!

  8. So SO SOOOO happy for you!!! PRAISE THE LORD!!! Love you!!!!

  9. So so happy for you! Our God is truly an awesome God. Congratulations!

    Praying for your continued health and rapid healing.

    Hugs, hugs, hugs!