Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Nothing is Impossible!

In 1995 Mark and I and our children moved to Costa Rica to attend Spanish language school. We lived in a small house in the neighborhood surrounding the school. Most of the homes in Costa Rica are surrounded by walls, gates, and bars. It actually took four keys to get all the way into the front door of our house! The back yard was surrounded by a concrete block wall that was at least eight feet tall. Nothing was going to get in or out of that house that wasn't supposed to!

One of the most amazing things about Costa Rica was the beautiful scenery. The rich volcanic soil and abundance of annual rainfall produced beautiful vegetation. The fence posts would actually sprout and grow during the rainy season! 

I remember one day feeling overwhelmed with the stress of moving to a new country, living in a new culture, and learning a new language. I was struggling to see my way through, and wondering if we had made the right decision in going there. I walked out into the backyard, thinking, and praying, and much to my surprise I found a beautiful flower growing out of the concrete wall. It was in full bloom. It was the most incredible sight! How was that possible?

In that moment, God reminded me that nothing was impossible for Him. It gave me hope and courage to continue.

"Nothing is impossible for God!" Luke 1:37

This week I was reminded again. I love having flowers and healthy plants in the yard, but, sadly, after the cold winter we've had this year in Houston, much of our landscaping has not survived. The back yard looks especially sad with brown palm trees all around. 

I walked out the front door the other day to find a single red rose blooming, and God whispered in my ear, "Remember the lesson of the flower in the wall in Costa Rica? It's still true. Nothing is impossible for me."

I am trusting God to continue to do the impossible. 

1. John and DonetteTerry were given hope today! John will start a new treatment next week. 
2. Tony was approved for a new study and began his new treatment this week. This treatment has proven to be especially effective against stomach cancer. 
3. My platelets were up to 68 this week. They are moving in the right direction!
4. Sarah is recovering well from her surgery last week.

Thank you for praying for God to do the impossible. Please don't stop!


  1. Love this! and you all!!!

  2. Hi Laura,

    I love reading your blog. I don't always comment, but I always read. Know that we are celebrating with you and continuously praying for you.



  3. I love that reminder! That is the verse I used to overcome the eating disorder that I shared about..."With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are impossible!"
    I am believing Him for that in so many areas!! Thanks for the reminder

  4. What an incredible visual!!! Thats so beautiful!!!!