Monday, March 29, 2010

God's perfect timing... again!

Last fall I was unable to attend Parent's Weekend at OU due to my chemotherapy schedule.  Neither Ashley or Sarah mentioned it because they knew it wasn't possible, but I know it would have been an encouragement to them had we been able to attend. So, when I heard that Mom's Weekend at OU was in March I was determined to go! 

I flew up to Oklahoma City on Thursday afternoon and spent the whole weekend with my girls - talking, laughing, shopping, watching movies, hanging out with friends, and eating! It was so nice to actually be able to get away and to sleep in every morning! We enjoyed the Medieval Fair, worshipped together at Ashley's new church, and laughed hysterically over shared memories of the girls growing up! We also had a wonderful time eating frozen yogurt at PassionBerry. Yes, I said "frozen"! 

Friday night we had dinner with some good friends who happen to be in Oklahoma now. Rod and Kellie, and their sons, Nate and Daniel, attended language school with us in Costa Rica when we were new missionaries. Kellie prayed me through language school all those years ago, and she has been praying me through cancer now. They have lived and worked in Santiago, Chile, and Nairobi, Kenya. What a special treat to spend time with them in person after so many years!

As I was flying home yesterday it occurred to me, again, how perfectly God had planned everything out. He has known my schedule all along. I feel like he set the dates for OU Mom's Weekend just for me, right in between my chemo and tests and surgery, so that I would be able to attend. He's good like that.

Dinner at Ted's

Sarah, Ashley, and Katherine at the Medieval Fair

The girls, ax-throwing. Beware.

A new friend

My sweet friend, Kellie, and me. 


  1. So happy for you Laura! Praising God for bringing you healing!

  2. What a great testimony of God's tender, individual care. I am so in awe of Him. !!!!

    Love the pictures SO!!! Where did Sarah get that T-shirt "Cancer Sucks" ???? Did I miss something in your blog about those shirts... I really like it. Its speaks well.

    You and your girls are so beautiful! My goodness no one could ever know you just went through almost a year of chemo and radiation and misery. You bounced back like a rubber ball. And I know your bouncing back had absolutely nothing to do with anything and everything to do with God!!!!

    Hugs and more hugs!

  3. There is Nothing like a girls weekend!I really treasure them with my own girls! So glad you had a wonderful time! God is so good!

  4. I am sooo happy you got to go!!! I know they loved you being there! :)