Saturday, December 5, 2009

Love Is What Will Remain

This week has been such a gift to me. Obviously God knew that I needed an extra week to rest before my next chemo treatment. My tendency, when I am feeling good, is to overdo it. So, I have been forcing myself to rest this week even though I am feeling good. I figured that if God gave me an extra week to rest then I better rest! He knows what I need.

I have also taken this week to get everything ready for Christmas. I finished my Christmas shopping (most of it on-line), wrapped the gifts, worked on the annual Christmas letter, and sorted through several piles of papers that have been growing over the last several months. 

For the most part, I have felt well. But there are moments when the fatigue still hits, and almost every evening I feel a twinge of nausea. I look forward to the day that I have a normal energy level and no more digestive tract issues! That day is coming, and it's even sooner than we thought!

God continues to encourage me through so many of you. I received an email today from a sweet friend in Ohio. He has experienced a lot of difficult things in his life and his honest email brought me to tears. I love his words and want to share a few of them with you:

The truth about the tumultuous nature of the world God brought us to, is one of only two things I know to be certain. The other is that God is here always and is in control. ONLY He is in control See, the greatest lesson He wants us to learn is how to accept His unconditional love and pass it on to every human we encounter. He wants it to be like reflex. But the only way to teach us to rely on His unconditional love in a way we will never forget, that we might share it with the world AND with ourselves, in every moment we have a breath in our lungs... is to shake us so hard and so loose, that everything falls out of our pockets, off of our bodies, leaving us clinging to two Truths:

1. The World Will Always Storm and Shake.
2. Love Is What Will Remain.

Thanks, Paul Prado, for the beautiful gift of your words today! 


  1. It was my pleasure!! I'm so glad the words had their intended effect.
    Thanks for the blog shout out :)

  2. That's so crazy! I was reading that thinking, "who do you know in Ohio?" I can't believe it was Paul. I hope he is coming home to us soon, and I enjoyed the portion of his e-mail that you shared :).