Thursday, December 17, 2009

How are you feeling?

The first question that everyone asks when they see me is "How are you feeling?" They ask out of genuine concern and affection. The thing I have discovered is that I feel different each day, ranging from horribly sick to pretty well in a matter of a few days. It is a weird experience to feel like you are dying on a Thursday and then feel relatively normal by the following Tuesday; and then to have this cycle repeated every two weeks. 

I have learned to answer the question for today.

Today I feel tired.
Today I feel better.
Today I feel awful.
Today I feel weak.
Today I feel much better.
Today I feel good.


I am learning that this is exactly how God wants me to live my life. Live it today. I don't know how many years or months I have to live, and neither does anyone else. But I know I have today. What will I do today? Waste it being angry or resentful? Waste it feeling regret? Waste it in a fit of worry? Or will I make the most of the day God has given me? Every day brings opportunities to love someone, to forgive someone, to encourage someone, to provide for someone, to help someone. Am I looking for those opportunities and taking advantage of them? Lord, please keep reminding me to live today. Help me to see the opportunities you give me.

"THIS is the day the Lord has made..." Psalm 118:24


  1. Something so easily monumental each day can be. How powerful and beautiful each and every day can actually be...the potential it holds if we just spend it gold. :)

  2. Living that sentiment with you!

    Still praying for you!


  3. Laura,
    I have not had the opportunity to meet you or your husband personally yet but tomorrow starts the second vist to CofF for me and the first from my wife and I together. We have been very active in our former church but have felt led to joing the gang there so I'm looking forward to meeting you in person and let you know how much I enjoy your writing and the encouragement it brings me. Your great outlook reminds me of so much that I take for granted. We had a scare last week with my wife and I beleive God did some healing but all tests came back great. My wife is diabetic and was showing all the signs of congestive heart failure. Even the EKGs and ECHO tests were showing problems. We prayed and this time, it was a warning I think to take our health resolutions this year a lot more serious. I'm excited to get involved at CofF and we will be praying for you each and every day!

    -Kory Cochran

  4. Laura,
    This is my second time to post a comment to
    you. Every one missed MARK AND YOU this past
    weekend. Of course, you're always in our prayers. I hope you are doing better, and have a VERY MARY CHRISTMAS. The service was
    great as usual. Lance is very funny, but
    gets the point across very well. I know we'll see you very soon, hopefully next week, for our Christmas services.
    Please take care, and let the guardian angels and OUR LORD HOLD YOU IN HIS
    HANDS. One of your loving family members here, at Community of Faith.

    Marie Greenleaf