Monday, December 21, 2009

Living Proof

What is wrong with this picture?

Yes, these are my feet, and yes, I put my shoes on the wrong feet the other day!!  I haven't done that since I was three years old.  They say that chemotherapy effects your brain.  You can't remember things well, you can't recall names and words. They call this "chemo brain".  It lasts throughout chemotherapy treatment and for some time afterward. Obviously, it has effected my brain! I told Mark that I have reverted to being a three year old - I put my shoes on the wrong feet and I use the bathroom in my pants! OK, it's in a bag, so it's not exactly the same, but still...

Medical Update: 
I was not able to receive my chemo treatment this week because my platelet count was too low. Normal platelet counts are 150,000 - 450,000. My platelet count today was 45,000. It needs to be at least 100,000 for me to safely receive chemotherapy. While I am disappointed that I won't be able to get one more treatment out of the way, I am happy that I won't be feeling sick on Christmas and I will get to attend the Christmas Eve services at COF!! There is nothing special I can do to increase my platelet count but continue to rest and eat well. With time, my bone marrow will eventually replace the platelets that have been lost. I return to the doctor next week to check my blood counts. If the platelets are back up then I will start my next treatment next Monday. Please pray that I will have a platelet count of 100,000 + next Monday. Thanks!


  1. Ok so u made me laugh today!! I do that all the time and I dont have chemo brain!! So what is my excuse?? Pregnancy brain only works for so long and Alex is 4!!! LOL Sorry your count was not up but happy you will feel good enough to celebrate Christmas at COF and with your family and not feel so bad while doing it! We love you and miss you when u are home resting but we know that is where God needs you to be!!

  2. Laura,
    Despite the horror of chemo, you continue to CRACK ME UP! Thank God you have kept your wonderful sense of humor. Sorry about not getting your chemo this week, but just enjoy Christmas without that yucky chemo hangover!

  3. At least it was the same pair of shoes, just on the wrong foot! ;-)

    Paula P.

  4. We are praying! Glad you will be feeling good for Christmas though :)!!

  5. I think putting shoes on the wrong feet is absolutely adorable. :)

  6. Laura,
    You are hilarious! I do this all of the time. Go to work with DIFFERENT shoes, different colors, different earrings, shirt on backwards. Yep, and no chemo for me. I blame it on the lighting in our house!
    We are praying for you ALWAYS! Will specifically pray for your platelet count this week!