Thursday, October 1, 2009

Extra Kids

Over the course of the years, and being the mother of three children, I have collected several "extra kids" who I have taken into my heart and consider to be "mine." Many of them are friends of my children, some are friends we made while living in other countries, and others are special kids that God placed in my life at different times. I truly believe that each of them was "given" to me by God so that I could pray for them as a mother would pray for her children. So, that's what I do!

Stephanie, Jerry, Carlos, Antonio, Elissa, Katie, Scott, Laura, Dayna, Callie, Cody, Colby, Pablo, Chaco, Ben, Paul, Adrian, Lapiz, and many others too numerous to list.

One of my most recent "extra kids" is Kristina. Kristina lived with our family for a little while this year. She is a beautiful girl, inside and out. She is pregnant with her very first baby, a little girl!

Laura, Kristina, & Ashley

I got a phone call from Kristina today. She was on her way from the doctor's office to the hospital. The doctor has decided that it is time for her baby to be delivered. They will begin inducing labor Friday morning! It is a little bit early, so I ask that you please pray for Kristina and for her baby. Pray that the labor and delivery go well without complications, and pray that the baby's lungs will be well-developed and ready to work!

I will be spending Friday at the hospital with Kristina, encouraging her as she labors. I can't wait to meet this sweet baby!

And to all my "extra kids" out there in the world (you know who you are!):
I love each of you, I think of you often, and pray for you regularly! God has blessed me by bringing you into my life!


  1. What an exciting day you will have! Does this mean we can call you GRANNY now? I will be praying for Kristina, the baby, and all those caring for her. Ya gotta give us details, weight, length, etc.

    Glad you will be with her to share the joy!

    Paula P.

  2. Thanks for meeting with us last night at First Thursday. As I read ths, it brings back what I stated, "You truly inspire others!". As I go through my journey of battling similar rectal cancer, I now know I have someone who understands and cares.

    Janice and I enjoyed last nights First Thursday at COF and look forwrad to future events as we can make them.

    God speed your recovery...You are an inspiration to so many!!!


  3. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a new baby!!!! Happiness!

  4. saw this pic last night after reading this post

  5. There once was a woman who woke up one morning, looked in the mirror, and noticed she had only three hairs on her head.

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    So she did, and she had a wonderful day.

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    Attitude is everything. Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.

    Live simply,

    Love generously,

    Care deeply,

    Speak kindly…

    Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain.

    ~ Unknown

  6. Laura,
    I know you do not remember me. I joined your blog several months ago. I found your website on a designer website. Your church's website was one of the examples. I clicked into it and I listened to your husband. It was the message that he announce to your church you had cancer. Any WAY....

    I told you I had cancer myself. I have followed you blog over the last several months. I have to admit, I have not read it in about 3 weeks, so I am print it off now to read it in my quite time. It seems I go to your website when I get a little discouraged. So that is why I am reading this today. I have complete faith in my God that he can heal me, but I started reading a book that talked about how he disagreed with the statement that God allows us to go through things like sickness to teach us something. But the book talked about that was just unbelief. I feel in my heart that I have faith in my God that he has my life in complete control. The book seem to take the simplicity of our Lord away from me. I feel we should be like children. We just FULLY trust in God and he will take care of the rest of the situation around us. We are like children resting in his hands of protection. I felt this book got my eyes off my Saviour. the old Twila Paris song keeps ringing in my ear...
    Lord, I'm keeping my eyes on you
    Following you
    Following you
    My Lord, I'm keeping my eyes on you

    The 6 things that God spoke to me throughout this experiences is:

    1. Be Still
    2. Wait on Me
    3. Do not look to the left or to the Right (this is what I did today. I looked to the left and to the right)
    4. Can you trust me with your life and what happens to it?
    5. If you Fully trust me, then you will not worry about the next step!
    6. I need to look beyond the situation that is around me and just LOVE Him!

    So these 6 things have been my strength to lean on when I start to look to my left or right.

    I wanted to ask your permission. My husband and I shepherd a small flock of people here in WA. On our website, I wanted to put my testimony of my experiences since cancer. Do you mind if I mention some of the statements that you have mentioned that has encouraged me? You can email me at .

    God Bless and I am praying for you, sister.

    D Thomas

  7. I love you, Laurita! It's an honor to me one of your extra sons. Still praying for y'all! Siempre pienso en ti y Marquitos.