Monday, October 19, 2009

Chemo Round 2

Thank you for praying! I had an appointment with the oncologist today. Last week they told me to be ready to stay and receive my chemo treatment if my white blood count had come up to a safe level. I brought my "chemo bag" with me that is full of fun things to read and do as well as foods to snack on to ward off nausea. I also had my "Wyrick" blanket that I take every time. It's cold in that room! But...being full of faith, I just left the bag in the car fully expecting my white count to still be low.

My doctor came in the room with a big smile and told me that the count had gone up from 2.0 to 3.5, which was now a safe level to receive chemo. They sent me back to the infusion room to get started today! I was so excited to hear that my blood count had recovered that I was happy to get chemo! How weird is that - feeling happy to get chemo??

Why am I still surprised when God answers our prayers? I should have been expecting it!

David, Sydneyann, and Torrey came to sit with me for awhile today. David and I played scrabble. I lost, of course! If only there were a word that had five "i"s in it!

Tonight, I am very tired, I can feel the irritated nerves in my throat, but otherwise I feel pretty good. I was able to eat, my stomach is calm. So far, so good!

Thank you so much for praying specifically for my white blood cell count! Please pray for minimal and manageable side-effects over the next few days! Thank you for "standing in the gap" for us!


  1. What is a Wyrick blanket??? Altogether good news! And getting chemo today.... all in God's timing ! :) Perfect timing!

    Have you ever played Banangrams??? Its like Speed Scrabble ... its really actually speed scrabble in a banana peel...not an actual banana peel as that would be gross but, a cloth one. :)

    I always say the same thing...why am I always so amazed to answered prayer...its like I think maybe He stopped last time He answered and maybe this time He won't. I'm always in awe at the marvelous things God does!!!!

  2. I'm so happy the bloodcount went up! I was praying for that! Great news!

  3. WOO HOO!!! Only a cancer patient can understand getting excited about more step closer to the END! So happy your counts are good. Get that Neulasta shot and take those anti-naseau meds BEFORE you feel like you need them!! You are doing great... Hang tough, my friend. I am praying and I love you.

  4. Your 'exile' away from people and their unwanted germies has paid off!!! May God continue to keep you healthy and multiplying those white blood cells!!! Hugs!

  5. OH the power of prayer!! GOD is great!

  6. Prayer!! That is 3 of us mature Christians that are amaized when God answers prayer. I have a small group of young or seeking Christians weekly. Last week I told them my son had not done drugs for 6 weeks but it had nothing to do with the Lord. And one lady remined me that we have been praying for him daily. Oh ye of little faith! Forgive me Lord Jesus.

  7. Oh Laura! I am so thrilled that you got thru round 2. Frequently I used to tell Dr. Campos, "Bet you don't have many patients begging for chemo like I do." Now I know someone else saying, "Can I have it today? Can I have it today? Can I have it today?"!

    I pray that you experience a faster "rebound this time."

    The 2nd word of the day is IMODIUM - it;s cheaper by the large box at Walgreens. The 3rd word is SANDOSTATIN. It's an anto-diarrheal injection. Yhere are 2 versions - short-acting (3x/day shot in stomach that you give yourself) and long-acting (1x/month, given in doctor's office. Hurts like a big dog BUT it works!

    You might consider tracking your fluid "ins & outs", if you aren't already. I use a small spiral notebook and have 3 columns (out-urine, out-ostomy & intake) as well as daily totals. Reminds me to "sip" all day long & helps dr. know what's going on from 1 day to next (I can't remember!). As a nurse you know what "measuring vessels" are needed.

    Sometimes I think what a blessing your nurse's training is - it must help you filter and grasp info and shorten the learning curve all us laypersons must go thru...

    I pray your 3rd round will come much sooner and that you will have a much shorter rebound period. I also pray that your faith "cup" will always be at least "half-full and not half-empty". Stay strong and BELIEVE yor blood will cooperate!