Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Normal Colon"

Today was the finale of the Labor Day Holiday Extravaganza.  Teri and I both survived the colon prep on Monday. It really does get a little easier to drink each time you have a colonoscopy. I only actually gagged twice this time! You would think with all the technology in the world today that someone, anyone, could create something a little less disgusting... All you scientists out there, please get on this! 

Both colonoscopies went off without a hitch. Afterward, the doctor came in smiling. He said everything looked good. My colon was clear - no polyps, no cancer, and the anastomosis (fancy word for the surgical site) looks great. He gave us pictures of my colon which look markedly different from last year's pictures. You can even see the staples from my surgery! 

Then I read these words at the end of the report:  "Normal Colon"

I can't even tell you the joy that flooded my heart! I have a normal colon! Wow! God has been good to me!

Teri had a tiny polyp removed, which makes me even more thankful that she had this done. That polyp had the potential to turn into cancer one day. Now, we have removed that possibility!!

32,000 Americans die of colorectal cancer every year because they don't get screened. Please don't be one of those people. Go get a colonoscopy! Colorectal cancer is preventable if detected and treated early.  Trust me, you don't want to have cancer. Go get screened.


  1. Love that you have a normal colon!!

  2. Congratulations on a clean test! I have never commented before but love reading your blog. I have a family history of colon cancer so I started the test early. It is my year this year to have the test again. Was your cancer found from a routine scope? I always say the colon test is the best worse test to take. I always feel so good to know when it looks like.

  3. HALLELUJAH! a gorgeous colon is a beautiful thing. :) i am praising GOD that you are back to a 'normal life'.
    diane jones

  4. How come you are even beautiful after a colonoscopy? :) Love Debbie

  5. I am rejoicing that your colon is normal! So thankful, also, that Teri got her polyp removed!
    What a great pair you two make!