Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lunch with Dr. Oz!

Last Friday I was invited to a VIP luncheon with Dr. Oz at the NBC studio, KPRC, in Houston. Community of Faith has partnered with KPRC in the past, and we were one of the advertisers for the first season during the Dr. Oz Show. Our KPRC contact, Marilyn, invited us to enjoy lunch with Dr. Oz and to tour their studio. My sweet friend, Becky, went with me.

The lunch was delicious! Dr. Oz was very gracious to everyone. He shared about his first season and he thanked all of his advertisers. Then he opened it up to questions from the audience. Immediately my hand shot up! I told Dr. Oz that I was a stage 3 rectal cancer survivor - the whole audience clapped for me! - and then I asked his opinion about beginning colonoscopy screening earlier than age fifty. He clearly explained the difficulty of medical screening and determining who should receive what tests and when. But in the end, he agreed with me that the colonoscopy is the best screening tool out there because it not only detects colorectal cancer but it can prevent it by the removal of polyps.

After the question and answer time, Dr. Oz autographed his new book for each of us and let us take pictures with him. I took the opportunity to tell him that he helped to save my life. His last appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show was the final encouragement I needed to follow through on my doctor appointment back in May 2009. He pulled me aside and asked me a few questions about my cancer diagnosis and journey, and then he asked me to email him my story.

We finished up our time at KPRC with a tour of the studio. It was really neat to see where the news happens!

Me and Dr. Oz

Our beautiful table!

Becky and me at the KPRC studio

The control room

Me and Becky do the news! 

Thanks Dr. Oz, and Marilyn, for a super fun day!


  1. It's VERY cool! You look pretty good in that anchor chair!

  2. That is just SO cool! What a blessing that you got to thank him for being that final push to your colonoscopy!