Saturday, September 18, 2010

All Clear!

Friday afternoon we received a phone call from the oncologist's office with the report of my six month PET scan - "All Clear!"  That's exactly what I was expecting, but it sure was nice to hear them say it!  I am six months removed from chemotherapy, and there is no evidence of disease in my body! I can't even put my feelings into words at this point!

Recently, I have been reading in the Old Testament, rereading some of the old familiar stories. I was studying the story of Noah the other day and read this verse:

"And God remembered Noah..." Genesis 8:1

Isn't that beautiful? God remembered Noah. He remembered. That would probably be a good memory verse for all of us! It’s pretty simple and we could change it to say, "And God remembered (insert your name)..." 

"And God remembered Laura..." 

That simple verse could change how we think about situations in our life, it could change our actions and responses to life. God remembers us! How amazing is that?!

And He sure remembered me this week! I'm pretty sure He was smiling, too, as the words "All Clear" rang out over the phone. He remembers me! 

Thank you all for praying that we would hear those exact words! 


  1. Laura, you are a walking testimony that God never forgets us, and like the rainbow in the sky, I know you will continue to share that out of the 15 months of your walk with cancer, you and your family, like Noah, have drawn closer to Him, and He has taken something terrible and made something beautiful. You are beautiful. God created you to do amazing things with your long and healthy life, and you continually bless our families here at COF with your amazing faith and humble spirit. I can't say enough of what a gift you are. God bless you and your precious family. Taddy Hamlin

  2. I love how you choose to rejoice in that scripture "And God Remembered Noah" :-) I have always had a bit more of pondering to that statement. :) Of course being remembered is fabulous! :)
    Very happy and delighted for the report! :)